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  1. The catering industry survey report (collection)
    With the improvement of people's own quality, the frequency of reporting is getting higher and higher, and the report has the characteristics of two -way communication. As soon as I heard the report report, it was dizzy? Here are the survey report (collection) that I have collected for everyone. I hope to help everyone.

    The dining industry survey report (collection) 1 The catering industry as the people's livelihood industry has not been an authoritative investigation report. With the expectations of many industry insiders, the China Hotel Association and Beijing Food Industry Association, Shanghai Catering Industry Association, Tianjin Hotel Association, Chongqing Food Industry Association, Guangdong Catering Service Industry Association, Sichuan Hotel and Catering Entertainment Industry Association, Hangzhou The Municipal Catering Hotel Industry Association, the Xi'an Hotel and Catering Industry Association, the Nanjing Catering Chamber of Commerce and the Top Ten Brother Association of the Xinjiang Hotel Association completed the first national catering enterprise operation survey for half a year, and wrote the first "20xx China in 20xx China on this basis The Catering Enterprise Survey Report, hopes that this report can become the most professional, detailed and true statistical research data in the Chinese catering industry, analyze the development status and development model of catering companies, and cultivate brands for the industry, establish benchmarks and listing services for enterprises.
    The situation of this report has a total of hundreds of catering companies, involving thousands of restaurants and millions of meals, covering a number of special catering, hotel catering, hot pot, snacks, fast food, leisure catering and so on. The format is mainly representative of various formats, regions, and types of representative companies and leading enterprises in the domestic catering industry, covering every province, autonomous region and municipality in Mainland China. It should be said that it is an excellent company in the industry. There are obvious two characteristics of this survey: First, there are more and more companies that fill in data, and the development of the industry has gradually entered the track of standardized development. The second is the combination of enterprises' reporting and expert research, which truly reflects the development status of the industry. In view of the large gap between enterprises in the catering industry, several indicators in this report will be slightly higher than the industry average.
    The conclusion of this survey report is as follows:
    . Brand performance
    This method of this report borrows the universal method of sorting US catering companies (see the report attachment) of the US catering company. The two sequences of restaurants have been ranked, and the top 30 and top 20 are discharged from high to low according to the turnover of each enterprise. I hope to make objective judgments on the true development of these brands and set a benchmark for the industry. In order to ensure the referenceability of the data, the top ten Chinese catering brands are Hangzhou Drinking, Xinghua Building, Xiaofei Sheep, Quanjude, Qiaojiangnan, Guangzhou Restaurant, Xiaonan Guo, Di Ou, Xiangyang Fishing Port, and Meilong Town. The top ten Chinese restaurants single stores
    are Quan Jude (Beijing Peace Store), White Swan Hotel, Golden Leopard (Shanghai Yan'an West Road), Jinyue (Beijing Aerospace Bridge Store), Prince Kang Long Dragon (Prince Kanglong Jiu Xuan ( Wuhan Financial Store), China Hotel, Jingya (Beijing Wuskesong Store), Zhiwei Guan (General Store), Shipu (Ningbo Tianyi Store), Building Outside Building (General Store), if you calculate the food processing business of single shops Um, the top three of the Chinese restaurants stores in Xinghua Building (head store), Zhiwei (head store), and Xinya Cantonese restaurant (head store).
    The survey results show that the scale of my country's catering enterprises has continued to expand, ranking the total turnover of the top 30 of the top 30, and the annual turnover of the top 20 of the top 20 catering stores is more than 100 million yuan.
    . Enterprise performance
    20xx, four indicators of the average profit margin of the country's catering enterprise, per capita labor effect, per square meter revenue, and revenue of each meal position, all achieved good performance, national catering brand 30 30 The average profit margin is 8.2%, and the top three companies are Shanghai Old City God Temple, Shanghai Xiaonan Guo, and Xiamen Shuyou Seafood. It is Shanghai Old City God Temple, Shanghai Xinghua Tower, and Guangzhou Restaurant.
    It's top 20 brands, the per capita labor effect of the top 20 brands is 234,000 yuan, ranking in the top three are Quanjide and Pingjia Store, Beijing Jinyue Aerospace Bridge Store, Ningbo Shipu Tianyi Square Store. The average revenue per square meter per day is 44.2 yuan, and the top three companies are the Guangzhou Dyana Hotel, Guangzhou Restaurant, and Beijing Jinyue. The average daily revenue of each meal is 255.2 yuan. Jinyue, Sichuan Ginkgo, Beijing Quanjide. The average number of employees per meal is 0.43. It is generally believed that each meal area reaches 5 square meters, and a catering company with a number of employees of each meal reaches 0.5 or more is a company with good facilities.
    The three major indicators in the developed regions of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, and Zhejiang are significantly higher than the national average. In terms of profit margins, Beijing is 11%, Shanghai 11.55%, 10%of Guangdong, and 10%in Zhejiang; the annual per capita labor results are Beijing 223,000 yuan, Shanghai 228,000 yuan, Guangdong 212,000 yuan, Zhejiang 183,000 yuan; Enterprises per square meter revenue per square meter is Beijing 39 yuan, Shanghai 28.5 yuan, Guangdong 59 yuan, and Zhejiang 32.8 yuan.
    In four formats of special catering, fast food, snacks, and hot pot. The three major indicators are: in terms of profit margins, specialty catering
    8.76%, fast food 5.2%, snacks 10.4%, hot pot 9.6% ; In terms of annual per capita work, special catering is 202,000 yuan, fast food 35985 yuan, snacks 59940 yuan, and 49100 yuan in hot pot; as far as the company's revenue per square meter is concerned, specialty catering is 14,437 yuan, fast food 13960 yuan, snacks 4683 yuan, hot pot hotpot 3743 yuan.
    The top 30 companies in the top 30 companies in the country ’s catering brand have four companies with a profit of over 100 million yuan, namely Hangzhou drinking clothing, Shanghai Xinghua Building, Beijing Quanjude, and Shanghai Xiaonan Kingdom.
    . Capital operation
    among the top 30 brands, enterprises are confident in the expansion of listing financing. Among them, half of the brand companies are planning to be listed, and the data in the survey revenue is clear. However, the current capital expansion is still based on self -raising funds, and the marketization of funds is not high. Among the catering companies that have been surveyed, 80%of enterprises have a period of more than 3 years, and more than 50%have a history of more than ten years, and 74%of enterprises are private. In particular, after these years of market refinement, the old -fashioned companies have renewed their vitality. They occupy 10 among the top 30 brands. The expansion of the old -fashioned cross -regional chain has entered a new stage.
    The data shows that 62%of the catering companies that have been surveyed have carried out franchise operations and regarded it as an important path for brand expansion and enterprise development. This is an inevitable choice for the development of the catering industry. On the other hand, it also Affected by the high prices of properties in various places, data show that the prices suitable for the property of catering operations across the country have increased compared with the previous year. In Beijing, Shanghai and other places, the average rent of the target property of mid -to -high -end catering has been higher than 5 yuan/ Flat meter/day, it becomes unsatisfactory.
    . Management capabilities
    In financial ability, enterprises expressed concern about the continuous rise in labor costs. The cost and labor costs of the raw material in catering companies account for the largest part of the cost of corporate costs, 37%and 12%, respectively, and they have increased from the previous year. The average profit margin decreased year by year. Insufficient confidence in the growth of profitability.
    If in the perspective of human resources, enterprises expressed concern about tension between front -line personnel and lack of high -level managers. Employees' flow rates are still high, with an average of 56%, which affects the quality and sustainable development of corporate service. The employee structure is mainly under 40 years of age and below high school education, but the proportion of employees above college degree or above has increased. Enterprises' attention to employee training has also increased. 42%of the annual training funds of enterprises account for more than 3%of total salary, with an average of 3.6%. From the perspective of group development, catering companies pay more attention to centralized procurement and unified distribution, and pay attention to the diversified development of central kitchen, breeding base and catering food processing. However, the application of computer network management and catering information technology still needs to be improved.
    Is when the senior management personnel of catering companies are required to sort the core competitiveness elements of enterprises and single stores based on the important level, the most important core competitive elements are: the enterprise level is the brand, talent, management and service at the level of the enterprise, respectively. Three items; the single store level is the brand, the quality and characteristics of the product. It shows that enterprises have fully aware of the importance of brand competition and enterprise development.
    5. Marketing and consumer cognition
    The survey shows that catering companies use advertising on local media, especially graphic media as the most important marketing and promotion methods. The proportion of booking network cooperation is not high, and 70%of companies are only 10-15%of the budget.
    es more and more enterprises have begun to attach importance to loyal customer construction and customer relationship management. They are mainly implemented through membership cards and preferential card methods. However, there is still much room for improvement in customer relationship management.
    The survey shows that the proportion of consumers' use of credit card consumption is 39%, and the proportion of consumers with predetermined habits is not high, with an average of only 37%. The proportion of consumers who traditionally signed consumption have fallen to a very low.
    6. Future prosperity prediction
    looking forward to the future, the company's long -term trend in the catering market will continue to develop rapidly and healthy development. The construction of the original and auxiliary material base is full of confidence; optimistic about the trend of the club, healthy catering, refined management, and six T management; it is very enthusiastic about listing, financing expansion, and chain operations; it is optimistic about brand improvement and catering culture development trend. The catering market will enter the era of brand consumption, and the catering industry will continue to play a positive role in expanding consumption and promoting employment at a growth rate of 16%.
    The dining industry survey report (collection) 2 In terms of the recent situation of the XX hotel catering industry market, the local hotel catering industry has developed rapidly, and the economic composition of the industry has undergone profound changes. The development of the main body is coexisting in various economic components, and most of the private enterprises; the market is booming and active, fierce competition, and the hotel catering industry is happy and worried.
    . The current status of hotel catering industry:
    1. Diversified business formats, rich varieties: comprehensive high school hotels, restaurants, professional restaurants, restaurants, as well as popular food, buffet, leisure meals, salon catering , Entertainment catering, food streets, food cities, specialty catering, local snack bars, and even Zhuanghu Hotels, and developed rapidly to form a multi -level and diversified business pattern.
    In the past, the catering industry was mainly based on local dishes and a few share of northern cuisine. Now it is Lucai, Sichuan cuisine, Beijing cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Northeast cuisine, etc. Fast food such as McDonald's and KFC has gradually been accepted and favored by people, forming a wide range of patterns, colorful and colorful, North -South cuisine choruses, and Chinese and Western catering exchanges.
    . The economic composition and outlet structure of catering enterprises have undergone profound changes: With the deepening of the reform of the economic system and the needs of the hotel's catering market, the industry's economic ingredients have undergone profound changes. The era of state -owned economy has become history. Hotel catering companies with various economic ingredients in the society, such as various forms of joint -stock systems, private hotels, and hotels. According to the survey, all of the existing catering industry outlets, non -public economy companies account for more than 80%, but China has a high proportion of economy in China.
    The outlet structure of the hotel catering industry shows a trend of polarization. In the past, it was mainly medium and small, with few large -scale and high -end hotels. Now it is a large, luxurious, multifunctional, high -end and brand -like hotels and hotels that are newly built and expanded. Hotels and hotels with brand characteristics are increasing; small restaurants and snacks that are convenient for mass consumption and operating characteristics are sprung up. In contrast, medium and grade catering companies have developed slowly, and some even gradually decrease.
    . The market competition is fierce, and the profitability of hotel catering companies has weakened: The industry has become an industry with a high degree of marketization, fierce competition, survival of the fittest, and re -"reshuffle". Competition has promoted the improvement of the quality and service level of catering and the development of the industry. However, most hotel catering companies have low profitability. Judging from the investigation, the off -peak season is obvious, and even at some point shows the excessive situation. The guest room occupancy rate of some hotels is less than 30%, which has exacerbated the market competition and the profitability of the enterprise has weakened.
    . The main problems in the development of the catering industry:
    1. Industry self -discipline and industry coordination services: There are no industry standards and industry specifications. In particular, some private small enterprises lack integrity, and the phenomenon of illegal and illegal operations occur from time to time, which harms the interests of consumers and affects the industry image.
    . The concept of business has changed slowly. Insufficient research and development innovation: With the development of the catering industry, most hotels and restaurants have greatly improved the overall quality and level of management and management. Models and management technology have not yet got rid of the traditional influence. The business management is backward, the application of science and technology is not high, the software and hardware are not supported, and the overall quality and management level of operating management personnel are relatively low.
    . The status and current status of this unit in the industry:
    1. Difficulty in the transformation of the business method: Due to the background of this office, we cannot contradize a variety of commercial activities from other peers, which leads to many many of them, which leads to many many of them, which leads to many many of them, which leads to many many of them, which leads to many many of them. The merchants who came to the house were switched to his house, which caused this office to bind hands and feet in the form of business. But at the same time, this background has also brought us a large industry influence, and should better use this influence to win customers.
    2. Insufficient operating management talents and technical talents. The introduction is not enough, the training work cannot keep up, the catering cooking research and development innovation is not enough, and the dishes and operations lack characteristics. To solve the problem of low overall quality of the industry, the first is to introduce and cultivate high -quality operating management talents and technical talents; the other is to do a good job of industry training. While the introduction of talents, the focus is on the job training.
    3. While consolidating and maintaining existing customers, it is necessary to face more society. Actively support business methods suitable for mass consumption, business characteristics, integrity services, hygiene, convenience, and affordable, and meet multiple levels of consumer needs. Building a famous brand of catering hotels and developing characteristic operations is an important part of improving the core competitiveness of the industry. rn   总之,我们要进一步深化企业内部改革,加快机制创新,充分调动员工的积极性和创造性;坚持创新与发展,创品牌、创名牌,突出经营特色,提高市场竞争力;改善经营管理, Improve the level of corporate management and profitability

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