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  1. In terms of the purpose of environmental protection, to protect the safety of human life and property, so that the social form and the people's living conditions are developing in a better direction. The following is the speech summary of the environmental protection work compiled by everyone, for reference only.
    The speech of environmental protection work summary (1): First, the work of 20xx is a brief review
    20xx years. The government's decision -making deployment, combined with the new situation and new tasks facing the construction of anti -corruption and integrity construction in combination with environmental protection systems, based on establishing and improving the punishment and defense system, and striving for a momentary mental state, focusing on the center, paying close attention to the implementation of the city's party style and clean government construction. Has achieve obvious results with anti -corruption work. Democratic evaluation work, Raoyang County Environmental Protection Bureau ranked second in the local area, and Jingxian and Wuyi County Environmental Protection Bureau was also good. It made positive contributions to the construction of the system. It also made an example for everyone. It is worth learning. Essence
    In the face of achievements, we cannot stop and rest. Instead, we must carefully find and sort out the weak links in the work, so as to discover what other party style and clean government construction is not compatible with the requirements of advancing the historical transformation of environmental protection. The problem of anti -corruption, what other issues need to be studied hard under the construction of integrity. These issues are mainly reflected in the following five aspects: First, the awareness of the purpose is weak, some cadres do not have a strong sense of service, and do not care enough about environmental problems that endanger the health of the masses, and do not solve it thoroughly. Second, theoretical and practical disconnection. Some cadres need to work further on the use of scientific theory guidance and solving specific environmental issues. The third is that the career is not strong, some cadres are irresponsible to work, and they are perfunctory of some things. Fourth, the concept of discipline is loose, some cadres have special status, relaxed discipline constraints, and have policies and countermeasures for some work. Fifth, the construction of the wind is insufficient, there are not strong consciousness in the presence, and the awareness of advanced is not strong. These issues cannot be ignored, and the impact on global work is pivotal, and it is necessary to take effective measures to overcome and solve it.
    The main tasks of the year of 20xx
    20xx years are the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China. It is also the key to responding to the international financial crisis, maintaining the steady and rapid development of the domestic economy, and the successful implementation of the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan". The year is an important year for advancing the construction of punishment and prevention of corruption. We must take Deng Xiaoping theory and the important ideas of the "three representatives" as the guidance, comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, take the opportunity to carry out the "cadre style construction year", focus on the task of energy saving and emission reduction center, adhere to both the symptoms, comprehensive governance, punish prevention and prevention Together, pay attention to the policy of prevention, focus on improving the punishment and prevention system, the motivation for reform and innovation, continue to grasp the key, implement, deepen deepening, actively promote the construction of the party's clean government and anti -corruption work, comprehensively improve the quality of environmental protection teams, maintain the masses Legal rights and interests promote the ultra -normal development of Hengshui.
    (1) Creating an excellent development environment provides a strong guarantee for Hengshui's ultra -normal development
    This development, rich people and strong cities. It is a major strategic decision -making of the municipal party committee and municipal government based on Hengshui City's conditions and comprehensively implementing the scientific concept of development. We must actively respond to the starting point of an excellent development environment, with the "two norms, dual supervision, and one review" activities as the starting point, implement the "dual -lifting project" (improving the efficiency of work, improving service quality), and the ultra -ordinary city of our city. Develop service. The first is to do a good job of cutting and management of administrative approval matters. Increase the reduction of cutting, and in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, we will further clean up, freeze, and merge the administrative approval of our bureau. Focus on changing functions from approval and management agencies to service -oriented agencies. The second is to improve the timeliness of administrative approval. To minimize the approval links, shorten the approval time limit, and realize the "green channel" of administrative approval. The third is to conscientiously carry out the supervision and inspection of "two norms, dual supervision, and one review". In accordance with the requirements of the superiors and the work plan of our bureau, improve the relevant work system, conscientiously implement the system of first inspection notification, low -limited charges, etc., report the relevant situations and reports in a timely manner, and further standardize administrative approval and administrative law enforcement behaviors. Through the above work, every cadre and employees in the whole system must be "five", that is, do not let the job delay due to me, do not allow things that are dealing with because of me, and do not allow any errors to happen in themselves. The comrades who came to work encountered my neglect, so that the image of the Environmental Protection Agency was damaged by me.
    (2) Increase supervision and build a system for punishment and corruption of environmentally friendly characteristics
    Sto consistent implementation of the Municipal Party Committee's "Establishing and Implementation of Punishment and Prevention of Corruption 20xx? 2012 Work Planning Implementation Plan" The restriction of administrative power is the core, and takes the breakthrough of key areas and key links to solidly promote the construction of a punishment and defense system. The first is to establish a prevention mechanism for the risk assessment of administrative power. Focusing on the "eight power" (major decision -making power, freedom tailoring power, administrative approval power, administrative law enforcement power, cadre personnel rights, funds (finance) management rights, engineering project rights, and procurement rights of community items), each cadre and employee All should be scientifically analyzed, identified, and evaluated in the process of operating administrative power in the scientific analysis of their posts, carefully find the risk points of clean government, determine the risk level, propose risk warning prevention measures, and strengthen the management of clean government risk. The second is to establish a programmatic and open transparency mechanism of administrative power. Optimize the operation process of administrative power, strengthen the openness of administrative power operation, and especially the exercise of important power to establish a complete operating record, establish and improve long -term mechanisms, and continuously improve the institutionalization and standardization of administrative power open and transparent operation. The third is to establish a mechanism for the performance of administrative power operation performance and accountability. Practice the responsibility system, democratic evaluation and government efficiency construction of the party style and clean government, and evaluate the operation and evaluation of administrative power, and be held accountable for the problems that arise.
    (3) Strengthening the education of clean government, building a line of ideological defense of cadres and employees of environmental protection systems
    The premise to promote the construction of clean government. It is necessary to further enrich educational content, innovate educational carriers, enhance education vitality, and strive to allow the concept of clean government to penetrate the mind and evolve the fashion. First, we must carry out the education of integrity. Pay attention to the choice of a group of typical diligence and clean government, vigorously publicize its advanced deeds, and give full play to its role. Second, it is necessary to carry out the education and education of the integrity, and use the major cases and cases reported by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Provincial and Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission, especially the corruption cases that occur within the environmental protection system to conduct early warning and further enhance the ability of anti -corrosion and degeneration. Third, we must carry out the education of integrity and regulations, vigorously publicize and popularize the knowledge of party discipline regulations and laws and regulations, and strive to create an atmosphere of integrity and shame with greed, and improve the internal binding force of the entire system. The fourth is to strengthen the awareness of accepting supervision. Supervision and supervision are the unity of contradictions, and there are no special party members who can not accept supervision in the party. As a leading cadre of party members, especially to establish awareness of accepting the supervision of party organizations and party members, understanding that the process of exercising power is also the process of accepting supervision. habit. "I have heard it" is a realm, and it is also a test of party spirit and public servant consciousness.
    (4) Strengthen the construction of the style, and establish a good social image of the environmental protection system
    We must use the "Cadre Style Construction Year" activity as the starting point to promote the changes in the style of environmental protection system. It is necessary to fully understand the extreme importance and reality of the activity, unify the ideas to the decision -making deployment of the municipal party committee, municipal government, and the party group of the bureau, take practical measures, and grasp the three three of the law enforcement, standardize financial management, and civilized administration. The point is to effectively solve the most dissatisfied environmental issues, the most dissatisfied business links of the enterprise, the most dissatisfied work style and working method of the enterprise, and build the environmental protection department into a vanguard for strengthening work style construction. The first is to carefully find out the outstanding problems. Compared with the "Eight Investigation" proposed by the Hengshui Municipal Party Committee on the Practice of Cadre and Practical Style of Cadre and Practical Style of Cadres and the Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection at the Fourth Plenary Session of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Fourth Plenary Session of Whether there is no sense of responsibility, incompetence at the job, not doing things in officials, liability for strong power, dare not to touch, and dare not be more real; The problem of low; whether the three checks are not strong, and are accustomed to the problem of floating on it to listen to reports, unable to stabilize God, and can't sink; whether there is a strong concept of organizational discipline, it will not work, it will not stop, the weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, and weakness The problem of scattered or even work hours; whether there is a strong sense of service, difficult to enter the door, ugly face, and difficult to do; whether there is a strong spirit of hard work, quick work, engaging in flower shelves, enthusiastic about pulling relationships, running the road Question; Seven Checks whether there is a sense of integrity and self -discipline, and the issue of playing, enjoying, and luxury and waste; whether there is a lack of aggressive spirit, no more aggressive spirit, the lack of strength, hard work, and tenacity. Aiming at the problems, resolutely rectify. The second is to improve the long -term mechanism of work style construction. At all levels, we must conduct the implementation plan of the "Article 20 Regulations" of the Municipal Party Committee and the Bureau of the "Cadre Style Construction Year" and the important speech of Director Lu, and further refine measures, improve the system, clarify responsibilities, and strict requirements. The third is to strengthen the supervision and inspection of style construction. The Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission Supervision Bureau has established a style construction supervision, optimizing the environment, and the party style supervision office. The order of get off work and the management of vehicle management conducts clear visits and unannounced visits. It is found that the negative typical example will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the "Measures for Responsibility", hoping to attract great attention.
    (5) Effectively strengthen leadership, strictly implement the responsibility system for the construction of the party style and clean government
    The basic system for promoting the construction of party style and clean government and anti -corruption work The general starting point of building a joint force. Environmental protection departments at all levels should put the responsibility system for the implementation of the party style and clean government, and effectively enhance the consciousness. First, you must clarify the subject of responsibility. In accordance with the requirements of the anti -corruption leadership system and working mechanism, adhere to the two responsibilities of one post. The concept of not good party building is not an appointment. " Second, we must implement responsibility. The main tasks of political style construction, environmental management, and administrative law enforcement are included in the responsibility system for the construction of the party style and clean government, so that leaders and members at all levels and members in the construction of party style and clean government. Everyone has tasks and responsibilities. Bring well, good team management, and good career. The members of the team should conduct special research and deployment of the party's work style and clean government construction work, and listen to more than twice a year and have records; third, we must implement the responsibility assessment. The inspection and assessment of the responsibility system for the construction of the party style and clean government is combined with the annual assessment of leading cadres, and the results of the assessment are important as an important part of the evaluation leadership team and leading cadres. Fourth, we must implement accountability. For leading cadres who have not fulfilled their duties of party style and clean government, they should seriously investigate their leadership responsibilities in accordance with relevant regulations in accordance with relevant regulations.
    (6) Improving the quality of the team, and further promoting the construction of the system of political style
    The construction of political style and style is a vital task for the construction of environmental protection teams. In accordance with the requirements of "the management industry must manage the wind", we must establish and improve the comprehensive linkage mechanism of party style, political style, and promoting the wind. Really incorporate it into the important agenda of the leadership team, summarize the lessons and lessons in a timely manner, find the weak links, master the work methods, and improve the targetedness and effectiveness of work. Taking the concern of the people as the "first signal", insist on correction and support, and in response to the problems of existing problems, especially hot issues that the masses are concerned about, formulate effective rectification measures, and strive to overcome and correct objective existence, affect work development, destroy environmental protection image. The problem realizes a new breakthrough.
    comrades, do a good job of building a clean and honest government, have a great responsibility and a glorious mission. Let us continue to emancipate our minds, open up and innovate under the correct leadership of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal Government. The environmental protection team that adapts to the new situation of "strong thinking, proficient business, dedication, courage to innovate, and clean the people", welcome the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with excellent results.
    The speech of the conference of environmental protection work (2): First, the report is objective and realistic. Director Su's work report uses realistic techniques, paving less, less discussion, large information, and strong operability. The achievements obtained in the writing work are not rendered. The problems in the work of writing see the blood, the difficult and objective reality in the work, and the focus of writing this year's work is prominent. The report conducted detailed analysis from four aspects, which was more thorough and clearer from four aspects. Especially the arrangement of this year's work is to point out the problem first, and then arrange the work of the work, and go straight into the theme, so that each work has a hand -grained hand, which is conducive to promoting the work. It is refreshing;
    The second is clear guidance. Everyone agreed that this meeting conscientiously implemented the spirit of the instructions of Secretary Chu Bo and Chairman Yang Jing of the Autonomous Region, and regarded the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the eighth Party Congress of the Autonomous Region as the guiding ideology of this year's environmental protection work, and would pollute the pollution. As the main line of work this year's work, it highlights the themes that must be adhered to this year's environmental protection work and must be grasped;
    three are clear overall goals. The overall goal of this year is to further decrease on the basis of digestion of the new increase in the year to achieve the task of 20,000 tons of sulfur dioxide emission reduction of 20,000 tons and chemical oxygen demand for 10,000 tons. Although there are not many overall goals in terms of text, they have rich connotations and have the effects of leaving the whole body. In his speech, Chairman Liu also made a request for completing this goal, which fully reflected the important position of emission reduction in the work of the region. To ensure the realization of the overall goal this year, we must do articles and arrange the deployment of the year's annual tasks around the central task of how to digest the new capacity and the main attack direction.
    Fourth is a typical demonstration. Compared with the previous report, the biggest feature is a typical alliance city that introduces ideas, measures, strength, and achieved good results in the reporting work. The annual emission reduction work has achieved obvious results. It has good promotion and reference value, which can trigger everyone's in -depth thinking about this year's work.
    It this meeting also shows the pragmatic and efficient style of the new government, which is mainly reflected in: First, the time is compact and the effect is obvious. The environmental protection work conference in the district only took one day. The chairman's speech and work report took one morning. Participants could listen and record the quality of the meeting. Discussing in groups, each group has a clear theme, listening to the voice of grass -roots environmental workers to the greatest extent, and reflecting the idea of ​​environmental protection work in the region.
    It is rich in materials and wide content. At this meeting, in order to let everyone know as much information as much as possible, in addition to the work report and the chairman's speech, environmental protection data compilation and guiding documents were also issued, especially the emission reduction data compilation, which solved the resolution. The problem of lack of information of grass -roots environmental workers.
    Although it is only a day of meeting, everyone thinks that there are still many gains: First, the understanding of the situation of emission reduction is further deepened. Through the morning conference and the afternoon discussion and exchange, everyone had a deep understanding of the emission reduction situation. On the one hand, the situation of emission reduction is extremely severe. Regardless of the speech of Chairman Liu and Director Su's report: Not only 5 years of emission reduction tasks must be completed in the next 3 years, but also facing huge new capacity problems. In terms of, it is clear that the emission reduction work is not simply the business work of the environmental protection department. Important indicators directly affect the work performance of the local leadership team. Document No. 36 of Guofa (20*) clearly stipulates that strict accountability systems and "one vote veto" must be implemented for places that fail to reduce emission reduction tasks. Therefore, we have no retreat. Therefore, governments and environmental protection departments at all levels can only achieve practical results only in terms of ideology, understanding, and measures. The second is to further reflect on the problems of the Ong City itself. In the work report, Director Su carried out one point for 20*years of work. The dialectical analysis not only praised the alliance market with outstanding emission reduction work last year, but also used a large length to use a large length to the alliance cities. The outstanding environmental problems were explained and analyzed. Last year, two major pollutants in the region achieved the "double drop" as the result of the hard work of our environmental protection persons. The achievements are mainstream, and we must fully affirm. Existing problems. These issues are not enough from the analysis of the autonomous region. This time it is only a wake -up, and more work requires the completion of the alliance market. It can be seen through analysis that although these problems have objective reasons, it is objective that they are not serious, unnecessary, and effortlessly. We need to carefully analyze and find out what are the shortcomings in our work in order to help the next work. This time, the name of the alliance in the district is to tell you that just see the motivation to move forward if you just look at the results or not to look at the problem; just look at the problem and lose the courage to move forward without seeing the results. The third is to further enhance confidence in doing a good job. Although the work of this year's work faces many difficulties, Chairman Liu's speech and Director Su's report have been continuously improved, the environmental protection basic capabilities have been continuously improved, the monitoring and monitoring methods are increasingly abundant, environmental protection and economic policies are continuously improved, pollution prevention and control prevention and control The measures have been explained and demonstrated in many aspects, which emphasized that we are currently doing good opportunities for environmental protection, especially Chairman Liu's speech, which shows that the party committee and government of the autonomous region attach importance to and continue to strengthen the environmental protection work in the region. Do a good job of environmental protection work in the future. All the participants realized that this was a encouragement conference, a conference that condensed people, and was a conference that combined with everything to overcome difficulties.
    The summary of the day's meeting. Everyone agreed that the environmental protection work of 20*years has clear ideas, feasible goals, correct directions, and strong measures. The key to the next step is to ensure the completion of various tasks. Below, I will implement the spirit of the spirit of the meeting.
    The first place must unify the mind to the spirit of the meeting. The 20*year is the key year of implementing the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" environmental protection plan, the year of completing the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" emission reduction task, and the beginning of the new government of the autonomous region. From the perspective of the participants, whether it is the mayor of the League of League or the environmental protection director of the city, there are many new faces. With the development of various places, I believe that there will be new faces. The environmental protection situation has a comprehensive understanding and familiarity as soon as possible. Therefore, the leaders of the meeting hope that the leaders of the meeting will carefully study and understand the essence of Chairman Liu's speech and the work report of Director Su. After the meeting, the first place is to report the spirit of this meeting, the task of environmental protection work this year, the overall goal, and the requirements of the new autonomous region government on behalf of the new autonomous region government, and quickly report to the main leaders of the local party committee and government; The district environmental protection system carefully does the spirit of the conference spirit, and quickly convey the requirements of this year's work to environmental protection departments at all levels; the third is Hohhot, Chifeng, Baotou, and Wuhai. The rectification plan is reported to the Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Bureau;
    If, the local area must be solidly arranged for this year's emission reduction work. Last year, Director Su Qing put forward the request of "one check and two hooks", which strongly promoted the emission reduction work. At this year's National Environmental Protection Association, Director Zhou Shengxian not only put forward the request to link the "two pollution emission reductions indicators to the environmental quality", but also required "not only to announce the decline in two pollution emission reduction indicators, but also analyze the acid rain Pollution, national control section water quality and environmental protection key cities change the air quality changes, and improve the credibility of pollution and emission reduction effects. " This fully shows that pollutants emission reduction is no longer simply reduced pollutants. It has become an important task for pollution prevention, the main starting point of the entire environmental protection work, and a breakthrough in improving the quality of the environment. Therefore, all localities must carefully analyze the problems of their respective emission reduction work, and take out the 20*annual emission reduction work plan in accordance with the requirements of engineering emission reduction, structural emission reduction, and management emission reduction. When deploying emission reduction work this year, compared with last year, the investment in emission reduction funds must be significantly improved, the manpower arrangement must be significantly increased, the instrument and equipment must be significantly improved, the arrangement of emission reduction projects must be significantly increased, and the arrangement of emission reduction projects must be significantly increased. The emission reduction intensity should be significantly increased. Monitoring stations at all levels should strengthen supervision monitoring, and the unspeakable monitoring points must apply for acceptance and acceptance, otherwise, the monitoring data shall not be recognized.
    It, to accelerate the construction of the "three major systems". All localities should conscientiously implement Document No. 36 (20*), and in accordance with the requirements of the "three methods", to comprehensively and solidly promote the construction of the "three major systems". When arranging the basic capacity of environmental protection capabilities this year, we must use the three major systems "to the" three major systems ". Construction tilt, especially to speed up monitoring, information transmission and statistical capacity building. Environmental protection departments at all levels must seize the best historic opportunities for the construction of the "three major systems" to strengthen environmental protection capabilities, and actively report to the local party committee and government and strive for support. In contrast to Document 36 to check the lack of leaks, those who have insufficient preparation must strive for preparation, hardware to strive for investment, and increase training with low quality of personnel. All localities must carefully study documents issued by the Autonomous Region Government last year, make full use of the policies given by Document No. 101, and build the "three major systems" in the shortest time, especially the monitoring system is established in accordance with the standardization requirements. The construction of the pollution source of the pollution sources of each league must implement the project funds in quickly, and the area cannot be completed as scheduled. It will be deducted in accordance with the assessment requirements.
    If, we must further strengthen environmental supervision. Whether it is Chairman Liu's speech or Director Su's report, it has mentioned the issue of illegal construction projects. Although the cause of violations is different, it can also reflect the absence of the environmental protection department in project management. On the one hand, environmental protection departments at all levels do not play well as a government staff assistant; on the other hand, management measures are not in place. Therefore, environmental protection departments at all levels must earnestly study the development policy of the national industrial industry and the latest environmental protection requirements, and actively support projects that meet the industrial policies of the national and autonomous regions and the local environmental requirements. precondition. Today, Director Su has put forward the requirements for the corresponding treatment of illegal projects and regions in the report. What I need to emphasize here is that if there are similar situations this year, it will be slowly approved for all new projects in the area until the limited limit will be restricted until limited Approve.
    While the rapid development of environmental protection, environmental protection departments across the country are actively exploring environmental supervision and carried out useful attempts. The highest penalty system, increase the cost of illegal illegal, and urge enterprises to abide by the law; some provinces refer to the environmental supervision of construction projects in the environmental assessment and acceptance of the project approval. The environmental assessment rate and "three simultaneous" acceptance rates ensure the installation and stable operation of the implementation of the pollution prevention and control of construction projects. Therefore, while environmental protection departments at all levels should do a good job of their own jobs, strengthen the horizontal exchanges of environmental protection peers in the same area and domestic environment, widely collect the latest environmental protection information, timely learn from the good environmental protection system, and promote the use of advanced pollution prevention measures and facilities. Promote the rapid development of environmental protection undertakings in our district.
    Fifth, we must attach great importance to the crowd to visit. Environmental protection departments at all levels should conscientiously analyze the prominent environmental problems involving the vital interests of ordinary people in accordance with the local industries, industrial characteristics and main pollution control factors, and to come up with the plan and list the problem of solving the problem. The Corporation must strengthen the procedural and institutionalized construction of various environmental cases and the public reports, the procedural and institutionalized construction of the acceptance, filing, investigation, and processing, and in accordance with the requirements of the supervision coefficient during the emission reduction work, further regulate various supervision work, strengthen the management and files of original data Archives. All localities must earnestly grasp the opening, operation, acceptance, response and complaint cases of the "12369" complaint phone calls, and report the "12369" to the Autonomous Region Supervision Corps per quarter.
    The sixth, improve the comprehensive quality of environmental personnel as soon as possible. The 20*year is the year with the most investment in environmental protection funds in the region, the largest number of newly added people, and the largest equipment update. The question now is that people come in and can we pick the beams; the equipment is updated, can it be played; the environmental investment has increased, can it achieve significant results; Business capabilities are no longer adapted to the requirements of environmental protection work in the new situation. Therefore, all localities should combine their own actual situation, take out the training plan, carefully grasp the training of personnel, and strive to build an environmental protection team that is proficient in business, reasonable, and good battles.
    V. Practical "two tones" and other key tasks.
    This sources of pollution sources have entered the stage of tackling. Environmental protection departments at all levels must fulfill their strengths and concentrate their manpower, material and financial resources to complete the census task in an all -round way. We must grasp the important links such as census distribution and filling, census review, census responsibility implementation, data entry and original data reporting, and census data summary acceptance reporting. The survey of soil pollution should also be advanced in accordance with the requirements of the work progress and complete the phased goals. It is necessary to carry out the collection of pollution reporting, pollution review, sewage license issuance, and sewing fees. All localities should arrange for those who understand the pollution discharge situation and are proficient in business to issue the pollution license issuance; in the collection of sewage fees, localities must carefully verify the sewage discharge of the company. Concentrate to deal with illegal acts such as missed payment, less payment, non -normal, and slow payment. Several alliances involving the Olympic Games air quality guarantee shall formulate a guarantee work plan in accordance with the requirements of the meeting, and report to the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Autonomous Region by the end of March.
    In view of the large workload of this year and heavy tasks, our bureau will carry out multiple special inspections around the main tasks.
    comrades, environmental protection work has entered the main battlefield of current economic and social development, and achieving a win -win situation of environmental protection and economic development is an important responsibility for us. Therefore, we must be based on the big stage and grasp the main line to further and further further. Seize the opportunity and take advantage of the situation; under the correct leadership of the local party committee and government, with the strong support of the relevant departments, with the cooperation of cadres and employees in the environmental protection system in the region, based on the current, long -term development, pioneering, solidly solid, solidly solidly Work, make greater contributions to the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" environmental protection goal, accelerate the construction of resource conservation, environmentally friendly society, and achieve sustainable economic and social development of Inner Mongolia!

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