What are the employment directions of the big data industry? What are the big data technology employment positions

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  1. Direction: big data development direction, data mining, data analysis, and machine learning direction, big data operation and maintenance and cloud computing direction
    Employment positions:
    1, big data engineer
    There are many, such as big data development, testing, operation and maintenance, digging, etc., and different salary levels in each position are not the same. In general, it has a total of 6093 positions recruiting on Zhilian recruitment, with an average salary of 11,643 yuan.
    2, Hadoop Development Engineer
    The position description: Participate in optimizing the basic service of the data platform of Sina Group, the optimization of the data transmission system with more than 100 TB daily transmission, the daily processing volume exceeds the PB level data processing platform improvement, Multi -dimensional real -time query analysis system construction optimization.
    3, big data R

  2. The employment direction and occupation of the big data industry
    : Three major directions, ten positions. The main three major employment directions of big data: big data system R

  3. Hello, there are still a lot of big data employment positions. To sum up, there are 7 major categories:

    1, big data analysts

    Understand some data statistics, ETL and other knowledge; some technology is proficient in data modeling and algorithm

    2, big data mininger/algorithm engineer

    , Proficient in data modeling, machine learning, and algorithm implementation
    3, big data engineer
    here are divided into three categories of Hadoop engineer, Spark engineer, Flink engineer

    4, big data, big data Operation and maintenance engineer
    The stability and uninterrupted service of the service provides users with optimization
    5, big data warehouse engineer
    is responsible for data warehouse design, modeling, specifications, and research and development work
    6, big data, big data, big data, big data, big data, big data, big data, big data, big data, big data, big data, big data Product manager
    Is as long as this position is responsible for the planning and landing of big data products
    7, big data architect/senior big data architect
    From the perspective of the architecture

  4. Judging from the employment of graduate students in the past two years, there are still many posts in the field of big data, especially big data development positions. At present, it is gradually covering the field of big data platforms to big data application development. This is also big. The inevitable result of the data began to fully land. From the perspective of the autumn recruitment in 2019, the number of big data development positions is significantly large, and not only the research and development talents, but also application -oriented talents, so there are more employment opportunities for undergraduates.
    The current big data technology is in the early stage of landing application, so at this time the talent recruitment festival is more inclined to develop talents, and it is easier to obtain employment opportunities from large factories, so for the current major data related majors, for the current big data related majors For college students, if you want to gain stronger job competitiveness and more employment channels, you should consider reading graduate students.

    It after studying, you can focus on the development of big data platforms in the selection of post. Driven by 5G communication, cloud computing will be covered in the field of PaaS and SaaS in the future. This process will fully promote big data. The development of the platform. In addition, due to the successive launch of the artificial intelligence platform, it is also a promotion for big data platforms. Compared with big data application development positions, big data platform development positions will not only pay higher salary, but also have a longer professional life cycle, and they can also get more development opportunities in the future. Intelligent development.
    For undergraduate students who are currently studying, if you do not want to study, then you should improve your employment competitiveness from the following three aspects:

    The first: Improve the programming ability. Handling practical ability has a very direct impact on the employment of undergraduates, especially in the early days of the current application of big data, many application -level positions have not been released. Many technical teams pay more attention to student program design capabilities, so they have solid programming design design. The foundation is still important.

    The second: master a certain cloud computing knowledge. The relationship between big data itself and cloud computing is very close. In the future, whether it is engaged in big data development positions or big data analysis positions, it is necessary to master certain cloud computing knowledge. Mastering cloud computing knowledge can not only improve its own work efficiency, but also expand its own technical boundary.

    Third: Pay attention to the accumulation of platform knowledge. The era of industrial Internet is the age of platformization, so if you want to improve employment capabilities, you should pay attention to the accumulation of various development platform knowledge, especially for development platforms that are closely combined with the industry. In fact, big data and cloud computing itself are platforms, so students with big data majors will be relatively smooth when the learning platform is developed.

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