2 thoughts on “What are the top ten brands of floor coatings?”

  1. 1. Xiopper SUPE (one of the earliest floor paint manufacturers in China, large professional floor paint and polycolic coating providers, high -tech enterprises, Guangzhou Xiopper Chemical Co., Ltd.)
    2, Sika Xika (derived from 1910 Switzerland, world -renowned brand, the world's leading professional construction chemical product company, globalized comprehensive company)
    3, BASF BASF (derived from Germany, Fortune 500, world -leading car paint /Industrial coatings provider, known as the world's most appreciated chemical company, BASF Co., Ltd.)
    4, Ardex Agusus (founded in Germany, well -known global wall building materials providers, the leading brand of floor materials industry, large -scale brand, large -scale Multinational company, Asias Building Materials Co., Ltd.)
    5, MAPEI Mabe (in 1937, one of the larger buildings in the world, one of the largest buildings in the world Co., Ltd.)
    6, Yangsen yangsen (dedicated to the research and production of polymer materials for construction, the leading enterprise of special industrial flooring industry, industry standard draft unit, Shanghai Yangsen Technology Development Co., Ltd.)
    7, Jingjing Jiang KINGCOM (chemical enterprises dedicated to R

  2. The top ten brands of floor coatings include Hongyan art coatings, Cailili, and Jiabaoli. It is also recommended to choose Hongyan art paint texture (paint) wall film series. On the one hand, texture paint is felt as a manifestation of materials, and on the other hand, it is reflected in the creation of new texture forms through advanced craftsmanship. Soft and delicate, good elasticity, affinity, visual effects, three -dimensional and more layered.

    "Hongyan art water paint, take the forest home" is the core concept of Hongyan "with green environmental protection as the core and high product quality". Design and wall painting services help consumers solve the problems of wall cracks, stains, peeling, mold and other problems. Hongyan art water paint has multiple color series, rich in color, and can create a dreamy, mysterious, and elegant dynamic space like makeup. Depending on the product matching, construction methods, color configuration, and lighting, the change becomes colorful, like the effectiveness of color murals. Hongyan Art Water paint has a computer color mixing function, which can call out the color that the user likes, and can give professional color matching suggestions. Hongyan Art Water paint also has a professional team custom coating scheme, providing 361 ° services.

    wants to learn more about art coatings, and recommend consulting Hongyan art paint. Hongyan Art Coating Manufacturers have more than 600 specialty store marketing service experience, and collect more than 80,000 activities. Use the marketing experience of specialty stores to summarize, analyze each event and marketing plan, reorganize and verify after reorganization, obtain reasonable marketing planning, and share it in various specialty stores to meet the needs of customers more.

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