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  1. The chip is a semiconductor industry.
    The integrated circuit of the surface of the circuit manufacturing on the semiconductor chip is also called a thin film integrated circuit. Another thick -membrane integrated circuit is a miniaturized circuit composed of independent semiconductor equipment and passive components, integrated into substrate or circuit board.
    It simulation integrated circuits, such as sensors, power control circuits, and op amp, processing simulation signals. Complete the functions of amplification, filtering, demodulation, mixing frequency. By using the simulation integrated circuit designed by experts and good characteristics, the burden of circuit designers is reduced, and it is designed without the need for everything.
    The integrated circuit can integrate the simulation and digital circuits on a single chip to make devices such as analog digital converter and digital analog converter. This circuit provides smaller size and lower costs, but it must be careful about signal conflict.
    The development and application of integrated circuits:
    The most advanced integrated circuit is the core of microprocessor or multi -core processor, which can control everything from the computer to the mobile phone to digital microwave ovens.
    Although the cost of designing and developing a complex integrated circuit is very high, when it is scattered to a million products, the cost of each integrated circuit is minimized. The performance of the integrated circuit is very high, because the small size brings a short path, so that the low -power logic circuit can be applied at fast switching speed.
    The modern computing, communication, manufacturing and transportation systems, including the Internet, all depend on the existence of integrated circuits. Even many scholars believe that the digital revolution brought by integrated circuits is the most important event in human history. The maturity of IC will bring a Great Leap Forward for science and technology. Whether it is designing technology or a semiconductor process breakthrough, both are closely related.

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