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  1. The current situation and development trend of my country's automotive industry will take a look at the current situation of China's automotive industry, looking forward to the future risks and opportunities of my country's automobile industry coexisting. Since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, my country's automotive industry is developing. According to the statistics of the China Automobile Industry Association, from January to July last year, the total industrial output value of the entire automotive industry was 372.382 billion yuan, an increase of 29.44 % year -on -year: product sales revenue was 359.888 billion yuan, an increase of 31.05 % year -on -year: total profit was 22.190 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 51.14 increase %. The growth of the main economic indicators is relatively large, which has achieved increasing production and income. The status of the automotive industry as the pillar industry of the national economy is becoming more and more prominent. Last year, the contribution rate of the transportation equipment manufacturing industry to industrial growth first jumped to the first of 40 industrial industries. The transportation equipment manufacturing industry, mainly automobile manufacturing, has replaced the electronic information communications industry and has become a veritable leader. With the continuous expansion of market demand, the development potential of my country's automobile industry is also very great. According to the analysis of relevant departments, in recent years, the consumer structure of my country's automobile consumer market has changed greatly. The demand for cargo vehicles will continue to grow, especially in the next developed regions, such as the western region's demand for medium -sized trucks, various specialized cars, mining cars and large and medium -sized passenger cars will increase significantly. The demand for light and miniature trucks in the rural automobile market will also increase significantly. With the introduction of the country's encouragement of private car purchase policies, it is expected that the proportion of personal car purchase will grow rapidly year by year. In particular, the demand for cars and buses, especially micro passenger cars will increase significantly, and market share will be further increased. To this end, the state will actively develop a economy car price of about 80,000 yuan to meet the needs of Chinese families. In addition, the state will vigorously promote the development of the development of the automotive industry: By 2005, the Chinese highway mileage will increase to 1.6 million kilometers, of which 25,000 kilometers of highways. All localities will also increase the construction of urban infrastructure and increase transportation facilities such as parking venues. All these will undoubtedly greatly promote the development of my country's automobile industry. The development of the automotive industry is happy, but it is also facing huge risks and challenges. Especially after the "entering the WTO", the national gate is fully opened. my country's car industry is in the same large market as automobile companies in developed countries in foreign countries. It will inevitably face fierce competition and challenges. Our main problem is: lack of complete car development capabilities and independent brands. The component manufacturing system is relatively weak, the management and service system of the automotive industry is still very backward, and it is difficult to compete with large foreign companies. All these issues must be faced seriously. Opening up the big international market has also brought new opportunities to the development of China's automobile industry, so that we can have the opportunity to learn their advanced technology, advanced management and service experience in cooperation and competition with strong players, and continuously improve ourselves. At the same time, we also forced us to make ourselves bigger and stronger. In order to cope with the fierce competition in the international automotive market, the state will be committed to the strategic reorganization of the automotive industry, optimize the allocation of resource allocation, and cultivate two to three main industries, strong core capabilities, independent intellectual property rights, and strong international competitiveness. group. At the same time, we can also make full use of the "protection period" of the naive industry after the "entering the WTO", open up the market, strengthen the management of the automotive industry, strive to reduce costs, and increase competitiveness: hurry up and reduce unreasonable taxes and fees. Encourage people's car consumption. It is expected that the price of my country's cars in 6 years can be in line with international preliminary internationally and can be completely in line within 10 years. As long as we are continuous and struggling hard, the development prospects of China's automobile industry are very optimistic. Relevant sources predict that in the future, my country's automobile industry will show six major development trends. I. State -owned automobile manufacturers will be transformed from the "leader of the market" to market followers. 2. Automotive production will be transformed from a large number of ways to mass production. 3. Automotive companies will be transformed from overall purchase to local mergers. 4. Human resources will be converted from a single configuration in China to global flow configuration. 5. Automotive products will change from price competition to comprehensive quality competition. 6. Automotive consumption is transformed from group consumption to personal consumption.

  2. After so many years of development in my country's automotive industry, although it is still in a period of growth, it has entered a stage of high -quality development with low -speed stable and quality. According to data from the authoritative institutional Institute of Industry Research, Chinese car sales reached 29.01 million in 2017, a year -on -year increase of 3.2%, and the growth rate of growth slowed down significantly. Compared with 15%, the proportion increases by 2 percentage points.
    Compared with the overall car market, new energy vehicles still maintain rapid growth in May. Data show that the production and sales of new energy vehicles in May completed 96,000 and 102,000, respectively, an increase of 85.6%and 125.6%over the same period last year. From January to May, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 328,000 units, an increase of 122.9%and 141.6%over the same period last year.
    It expected that the development of many new energy vehicle companies in the next step will show a differentiation trend, reshuffle will accelerate, key enterprises will gradually mature, and small and medium -sized enterprises may seek mergers and acquisitions when capital exit.

  3. Now the development prospects of this industry are very good. There are more and more cars, but there are very few related industry talents. Many employment opportunities.

  4. Hello, the prospect is very good. China has a large population and a large number of car guarantees. So a lot of employees need to be needed. The development of new energy to new energy is a great time for development.

  5. Also, now Qiche has entered the home of ordinary people. With a car, it is indispensable for maintenance and maintenance. It has driven the development of the post -service market. The demand is great and the future of technical talents is bright.

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