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  1. What network is on the work website of Zhengzhou and what are the websites of Zhengzhou looking for a job? Below I will list you a few websites and introductions that I think are good to find a job in Zhengzhou, so that children's shoes in Henan can refer to

    1: Bosi Talent Network
    n The more well -known website of Zhengzhou looking for a job, I think it is more powerful. Although I do n’t need to find a job for the time being, my resume has been putting on it.

    2: Nine Bo Talent Network

    I I found the first talent network at that time. Although it was not appropriate, the recruitment information inside was very a lot.

    3: Tianji Talent Network

    Tiji Talent Network is an old -fashioned website for Zhengzhou to find a job. I often apply for jobs from when I graduated, but now I feel the attention of attention I didn't use it before, and I rarely used it.

    4: Talent network

    The job seekers who want to find a job in a specific industry can try the field talent network, compared with other websites looking for jobs in Zhengzhou, although the above The resumes are relatively small, but the recruitment needs of well -known enterprises in specific industries.

    5: Zhengzhou High -tech Talent Network

    In the Human Resources Center of Zhengzhou High -tech Industrial Development Zone. Those who are job hunting in that place can consider this website to find a job

    The websites I often go to Zhengzhou to find a job, I hope to help you. I wish you a good job as soon as possible!

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