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  1. How to do a good job of online marketing of machinery and equipment? The changes are inseparable from its ancestors. When machinery and equipment do online marketing, they often have a headache, but it is actually three aspects:
    1. What is the purpose of online marketing? In other words, if you think about your prospective customers, what they look like, what their needs, and what are their preferences? Only by understanding these, the work of the latter can be better carried out, and the effect of less effort can be achieved.
    2, how to choose online marketing channels? (1) Classification of online marketing channels
    Category 1: For the promotion channels for quasi -customer search habits, it is represented by mainstream search channel Baidu, Shenma, 360, Sogou, etc. , Including today's headlines, Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, etc.
    Category 2: For the promotion channels for user fragmented reading, it is represented by mainstream fragmented reading channels today, Douyin, Weibo, etc., as well as some vertical second -line traffic platforms, including Himalayas and Blog , Zhihu, Post Bar, etc.
    The category 3: Other channel promotion, mainly mechanical and equipment related platforms, such as the exchange forums of some vertical machinery and equipment, as well as the mechanical equipment sector of some large portal websites, and even some machinery -related tools.
    (2) Online marketing channel selection
    The choice of network marketing channels. Based on your positioning of customers, what are your quasi -customer needs, and what will they search? Which of your customers is mostly, what platforms do they prefer to spend time? Do your customers love to learn, do you love to visit the forum, and what forum loves to visit?
    This to understand the customer, and the promotion channel is naturally screened.
    (3) Network marketing forms
    The online marketing form:
    The first type is to spend directly spend money on the channel to advertise. Some customers come in, but no customer comes in without spending money.
    The second type is the content of customer needs on the channel. This promotion form is slower. There are very few customers that can be brought in the early stage, but long -term accumulation will form a surge in traffic.
    The traditional mechanical companies on the market are small and medium -sized enterprises. These small and medium -sized enterprises have a common characteristic. Most of them are difficult for them to make a lot of money and advertise directly on the selected promotion channels.
    Therefore, most mechanical and equipment SMEs walk on 2 legs. In the early stage, they mainly rely on the first promotion form to bring new customers. In the later period, new customers are mainly brought in the second promotion form.
    3, online marketing customers have spent the salary of employees' salary for the second time, and the transformed customers have also been transformed, and the customers attracted are still very useful. What does that mean? I believe you have heard that the cost of maintaining an old customer is much lower than the cost of attracting a new customer.
    Co the old customers cannot generate secondary demand, don't forget the "user reputation". How to let your old customers recommend new customers and let new customers bring new customers, it is a move of four or two.
    So the customers brought by online marketing must settle to the Internet platform. This platform can be your WeChat signal or WeChat group, Weibo, etc. It depends on your customer group. They like to like it. Which platforms stay.
    Then on the platform where the customer precipitate, formulate a gameplay or mechanism to provide some benefits to bring old customers to new customers, such as direct reward cash and so on.
    How to play with you, there are many gameplay. But one thing is very important. If you want customers to bring customers, the company's mechanical products/services, it must pass the quality. This is the basis for establishing reputation. When you let customers recommend you to new customers, there is no worries.
    [Note] The essence of online marketing is the same as the nature of looking for customers offline. Whether you are mechanical equipment or other traditional industries, the essence of marketing promotion is inseparable: people (customers)! Always think centered on people (customers)!

  2. With the rapid development of the Internet, online marketing has begun to slowly replace the original traditional sales model, and now many customers will find related mechanical equipment information through the Internet when looking for this device.
    For the machinery industry, to do online sales, we must first have an official website. Both PC and mobile terminals must be available, and we must optimize, update and promote the website, so that the website has a search engine in the search engine. Good ranking.
    The use of third -party websites to promote, build shops, display brands and products, such as B2B websites and classification information websites.
    In blog, Weibo, Q

  3. First, the characteristics of the mechanical equipment industry in the network are the first, and the customer base is concentrated. The customer group of the machinery and equipment industry is basically a single group. Unlike daily consumer goods, not anyone can become corporate customers.
    The second, the decision -making is complicated. Decisions for equipment purchase generally cannot be determined by individuals. Generally, the various departments of corporate customers or leaders make decisions, and the decision -making cycle is relatively long.
    third, diversified promotion. Different mechanical and equipment products may need different marketing methods for different customers.
    . Do a good job of network marketing air outlets, and the machine can also change "tide goods" to achieve the corresponding marketing effect. Marketing.
    (1) Search engine
    Since the customer group of mechanical equipment is relatively single, the customer base can be accurately located through search engines.
    The promotion method is relatively traditional, but it is still an indispensable platform for marketing promotion. The main purpose of its main purpose is to expose the brand and attract precise customers to pay attention to the product.
    Masis need to get a lot of attention in the early stage of promotion, so this promotion method is mainly to allow the product to get a lot of exposure. At the same time, it can exclude most of the invalid customers and obtain accurate customer group information.
    (2) Through mobile phone mobile information platform
    It today's society, everyone's dependence on mobile phones is getting higher and higher, and they are keen to watch their favorite information through mobile phones.
    The mechanical equipment industry can start with the mobile phone information platform, prepare to publicize materials for publicity, and can also write some articles about industry, enterprises, products, and activities, publish it on the information APP to get customer attention.
    (3) VR panorama view
    The present, people are increasingly limited to the form of graphic, but they will choose to understand the product in all directions through video, VR panorama and other methods.
    VR, as a new marketing method, can bring new product experience effects to customers through comprehensive display products. It can also be interconnected in real time, breaking time, space and other restrictions to make marketing staff communicate with customers more conveniently. VR panoramic marketing, as a brand new marketing method, mainly has the following advantages:
    1. Improving publicity trust
    At present, the main marketing forms of traditional industries are graphic and video display. The degree of trust in this traditional display has become very low, and now users are more concerned about the authenticity of marketing promotion. In the new way of VR panoramic marketing, VR panorama can bring the effect of the product presented by the product well, and enhance the user's trust in the product.
    2, the product experience effect is better
    VR panorama restores the company's real environment and products, restores realistic scenes through virtual forms to the Internet. You can add product information and the introduction of the company's culture according to customer needs, display the company's advantages to customers through details, give customers a more realistic experience, and break the sense of distance between consumers and products.
    3. Reduce marketing costs and increase corporate profits
    If the production of VR panoramic display, customers can use mobile apps or log in to the official website anytime, anywhere, to carry out online cloud tour, the production conditions, appearance and function of the equipment, the appearance and function of the equipment EMU can be displayed through VR.
    Ifly affected by the epidemic, the "online exhibition" is a general trend. It can show the company's factory workshop and product information through the method of VR panoramic bands, and remotely explain the products interested in customers. It can be completed in virtual scenes. Especially in some overseas customer bases, due to the epidemic, they cannot come to China. They can obtain product information through the way to watch the exhibition online and promote transactions.
    VR panoramic marketing has become a new marketing fashion. The machinery and equipment industry must also follow the trend, truly enter the "heart" of consumers, and reach consumer demand directly.
    The online marketing for machinery and equipment, based on accurate positioning customers, in -depth insight into customer needs, and then achieve efficient conversion! Let traditional machinery and equipment also enter the Internet, enter VR, and become a consumer product that can be reached at any time.

  4. Customers find your mechanical and equipment products through the Internet, so the machinery and equipment industry enterprises have established a highly of marketing website.

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