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  1. People usually do not set a wooden board separately, which are basically combined. However, the wooden boards need to be spliced ​​to complete the assembly. The method of assembling wooden boards was used. Switch glue with wooden boards. The effect of wooden board stitching glue and nail splicing is the same, they are very firm, and the appearance will look better. There are special manufacturers of wooden board stitching glue, so let's learn a few more high -quality.

    wooden board splicing rubber manufacturers
    Established in 2006, Bangchuang Zhanjian Plastic Questing Co., Ltd. is a company that operates adhesives. The company's technical capabilities are strong, adhering to the diversified and multi -brand development strategy, based on the northern markets such as Tianjin, and serving customers as the foundation. Signed a well -known brand such as Han Gao and Yingnuowei, and actively developed their own brands to help State and Tyno. Our business personnel have received at least half a year of professional adhesive training. According to your process and requirements, it is recommended to recommend the types of adhesives with high cost. The price is comprehensive.

    Dongguan special Sheng glue Co., Ltd.
    The best -selling consumer market for glue, electronic materials, hardware, and packaging materials enjoys a high status among consumers. The company has established long -term stable cooperative relationships with a number of retailers and agents. Woodworking glue, electronic materials, hardware, and packaging materials distributed by Dongguan Tsheng Globe Co., Ltd. are complete and the price is reasonable. Dongguan Tsheng Plugs Co., Ltd. has strong strength, heavy credit, defensive contracts, and ensuring product quality. It has won the trust of customers with the principles of multi -variety operating characteristics and the principles of small profits.

    Shenzhen Nanlin Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Shenzhen Nanlin Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Longgang, Shenzhen South China City, the streets of the street, is a private limited company and a general taxpayer enterprise. The Deqing Nanlin adhesive processing plant is located in Zhaoqing City, with a chemical plant of more than 1,000 square meters of factory buildings. Factory equipment is perfect, advanced management, and specializes in the production of glue adhesives. The main products are: hot melting glue, pressure -sensitive glue (non -dry glue), packaging glue, velvet glue and a batch of special performance glue. And can develop special requirements for customers. The company believes in the concept of "science and technology is the primary productive forces". It adheres to the principle of integrity, survival with quality, and use the business principles of customers to seek development to provide customers with high -quality products and services. Welcome new and old customers to work together to create your good tomorrow.

    The manufacturers of wooden board stitching glue are countless. Now most of the furniture is wooden, How can there be less wooden board stitching glue when making furniture, so as people's needs increase, manufacturers have gradually increased. If there are more manufacturers, everyone can make a comparative choice, and it can also determine whether it is suitable for use according to quality and price. The wooden board stitching is extremely complicated and usually has a corresponding structural diagram, but if there is a problem with the wooden board stitching glue, no matter how good the structure is.

  2. 在国内,做木板胶水的,其实很多,国外的胶粘企业,主要就是汉高,胶王为主,国内,中山金诚粘合剂的,我们一直用他们家的胶水来拼板,压板, The assembly and other processes, the quality is also good. After a few years, there is no problem. You can learn about it

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