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  1. The large health industry is a general term for providing prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and alleviating medical products and services in the economic system. Generally, it includes the fields of pharmaceutical industry, medical business, medical services, health products, health care services and other fields. The big health industry is one of the largest and fastest industries in the world. Most developed countries' medical consumption spending exceeds 10%of its GDP (GDP). It can be seen that the large health industry is an important part of a national economy.
    The connotation and extension of the large health industry can be summarized as "three, five, six", the so -called "three" refers to the "three", that is, the large health industry is the full life cycle, full value chain, the whole society, the whole society Related industries. "Five" refers to the "five major areas" of the large health industry, namely: the pharmaceutical industry, medical circulation industry, medical services, health care products and health management services. "Six" refers to the six major industrial levels of the large health industry. From the bottom to the top: products, hardware, software, information services, health care services, and medical services.
    Ilvable industry classification
    The framework of defining the gates of the big health industry, the global industrial classification standards and industrial classification references further divide the industry into the following two categories:
    (1) medical equipment And service;
    (2) Medicine, biotechnology and life sciences.
    If medical equipment and services include company entities, such as hospitals, home care providers, nursing homes and medical equipment, medical supplies, medical circulation, health care services, etc. Medicine, biotechnology and life sciences include biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other scientific research services produced by biopharmaceuticals, Chinese medicine, chemical medicine, health products and other related companies.
    The health service industry relies on medical resources. The two ends are high -tech industries and labor -intensive industries. The degree of development has become a sign of urban development and is an important manifestation of urban soft power. The combination of the health service industry and medical tourism can drive the development of accommodation, catering, business, culture and other industries.


    Figure: The composition of the health service industry chain

    Development trend
    The 21st century, the health industry has gradually become an important industry to guide global economic development and social progress. Famous American economist Paul Pilze once called it the global "fifth wave of wealth" after the IT industry after the IT industry. Essence In our country, the health industry is becoming the fourth consumption hotspot after buying a house, a car, and a tour. For a while, the health industry, especially the various health service formats, showed a vigorous development. The hot areas of some health industries continued to surge. The healthy industrial parks and health real estate with the theme of health have been in the ascendant.
    The development trend of China's big health industry
    In overall, the large health industry will be a very fast industry in China in the next ten years. Developed countries account for more than 10%of GDP. China Only 4.5%, the per capita difference is 10-20 times, so the domestic market is large in the future. From the perspective of supply and demand, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation are called "new three mountains". China's huge population base provides a huge potential market for the health industry; currently the supply of traditional health industries is serious, and traditional medical treatment around diagnosis and treatment is treated. The concept is far from meeting consumers' needs for health care services. From the perspective of economic development, the general development of one production is not smooth, and the secondary production and various infrastructure are severely excess. The real estate, cement, steel and other industries are subject to a series of limitations, and local tax sources have declined. Modern service industry.
    The hotspots of the health industry
    In recent years, in the wave of local governments to promote urban construction and develop service economy, the health industry has become an important force, health management, medical tourism, high -end medical care, rehabilitation, rehabilitation The fields of healing, health home, nutrition and health care have become a hot spot for market funds, and are increasingly favored by various real estate developers and investors.
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