Interview self -introduction for one minute, the Internet industry?

Internet product manager, how to introduce yourself for one minute? Will the workplace 1 -to -1 simulation interview guidance?

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  1. Some misunderstandings of self -introduction, use the "workplace 1 to 1" public account, choose the appropriate interviewer according to the industry, occupation and interview rounds of the job search, and perform online videos 1 -to -1 simulation interview:
    1. Resume Excuse? The interviewer is not blind. If you talk about your name with the resume of his hand, you can be sure who you are. You don't need to repeat the content in the resume from beginning to end.
    Is when you start to repeat the information known as the interviewer, he will start to be impatient. If your introduction is longer, many interviewers who have a bad temper will be very impressed by it. Your introduction.
    2. There are many students who explain who they are in the flow of water, and they start to do what they have done from the school, what time to do what the company does what the company does, and then the job is to go. Speaking now.
    The people are sleepy.
    In fact, this is a typical without focus. The first job of job seekers is the sales of insurance companies. It has been in the past 3 years. Now I have come to job hunting for new media operations. Shouldn't you talk about the place where you are suitable for this job? Is it to be exposed to your own experience?
    3. When the length of the length is not controlled, many job seekers have two opposite behaviors: 1. The long story;
    It long -term discussions, maybe they are fully prepared and want to make enough display. As everyone knows, the interviewer's attention is limited. Before I have returned to God to find the content you just told in the resume, you jumped over, and eventually he didn't hear much. What's more important is that the interviewer does not know when you will end and can only interrupt you. Then whether you are or an interviewer, you will be in a relatively confrontation atmosphere. This is a taboo for the interview.
    The latter is a hastily, are you really here to interview? How do I feel that you are despising the interviewer?
    4. The content of the content is completely unchanged to prepare for themselves, but the problem is that they only prepare to introduce themselves. No matter what position, which type of interviewer, the content of the statement is the same.
    This is actually a manifestation of insufficient preparation and not thinking.
    The job search is to reach a consensus with the interviewer and get recognition, then you need to understand what the interviewer cares. And the product director will not care about what achievements you have written soft text before, and HR interviewers don't care how skilled your Python is.
    If you encounter a group, there will be your previous interviewer in the interviewer. You can think about the embarrassment of repeating the interview experience.
    5. When you introduce himself to the ditch, when you introduce themselves, you will come up with "the political struggle of the company company", "contradiction with colleagues", "no performance". Wait for sensitive words.
    For this job seeker, I usually pay attention to him: you are a warrior and will become a martyr immediately.
    In the interviewer will usually ask immediately after hearing these key contents. If this is not the design of the job seeker, it is likely to be asked to be speechless. Even if this is the design of the job seeker, it will make the interviewer think that "are you in a routine me?" Remember.
    Stime principles and tips, I hope to help everyone: 1. Adjust according to the interviewer's identity
    Explanation of job search. They are repeatedly emphasized that this is a unique interview. Before the interview, you should do a good job of self -introduction for the post. If you have already interviewed multiple rounds of interviews, you should even adjust the focus of self -introduction and cater to the key points that the interviewer may pay attention to.
    2. What kind of growth do you have, what do you care about and are good at, and what are you suitable for this position?
    So you should guide the topic design when you introduce yourself, let the interviewer ask questions along your thinking, so that the smoothness of the interview will be greatly improved. You can use length design, and some emphasis on words to help the interviewer find the key points.
    3. Simplified introduction ending reminder
    The self-introduction should not be too long. 3 minutes is the limit. Generally, it is recommended to 1-3 minutes. You can do simulation exercises for yourself and timing. When introducing yourself, you should add a reminder instead of the end of the understanding. Waiting for the interviewer to ask "Are you over?", This is equivalent to the dominance to the interviewer. You can use "I believe I can be competent in this position, please advise" after the end, "not only reminded, but also politely promote the interviewer.
    4. Grasp the active rhythm
    , in fact, this is the principle behind 2 and 3. Do you think the interviewer wants to help you think something, do you deliberately make you difficult? In fact, he just has to test whether you are competent in this position. If you can take the initiative to control the rhythm and take him to understand you, then he is not happy.
    5. Do more simulation interview exercises
    It people think of various interview questions when they think of interviews. In fact, even if it is a special post for technology development, most people have to talk about "face -to -face". Otherwise, prepare the question directly, just answer the limited time?
    As a senior interviewer, I want to emphasize a concept, and answering questions does not represent interviews. In reality, you can have logical conditions and answer questions. When facing the stinky face of a serious and impatient interviewer, your mind may be blank.
    The interview, called "pressure interview", is to test the performance of job seekers in a high pressure environment. Even if you think more about 1 minute, you can come up with a perfect answer, but at the time, you may be familiar with Self -introduction is unclear.

    The workplace one -on -one real -name certification has settled in more than 600 BAT and other famous company instructors. Personal matching analysis, simulation interview guidance. It can indeed effectively improve the preparation of the interview, and the interview passing rate. The praise rate is said to exceed 96%

  2. In fact, this is simple, you can introduce your basic information, and then introduce your hobbies and work experience.
    . Finally, you can introduce you have a strong interest in the industry, what achievements or understanding and views you have done. In the end, don't forget to express your willingness to join together to create glory.
    The is more than a minute. In fact, the unit pays attention to your understanding and experience of the industry to see if you can be competent for this job. This is just a preliminary understanding of you. Some units need to see what attitude you are holding on this job is the three hearts and two intentions. This is a kind of passion. The unit attaches great importance to such talents to join. It depends on what you say.
    The depends on the trial period, what performance you can, others are not very important. If you sincerely recruit people, you will give you this opportunity.
    I wish you all your best!
    Pet personal point of view, for reference
    The consent of my point, please adopt it, thank you!

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