What kind of food do people eat at Christmas



The British Christmas Eve is the most orthodox, also the oldest, Christmas must eat Turkey, this custom has a history of more than 300 years in the West. It is said that on Christmas Day in 1602, a large number of immigrants from England arrived on the American continent. Not without christmas tree lighting. At that time, there are poor products, only all over the mountains and wild Turkey, so they will catch Turkey as the main course of the holiday. Therefore, the Christmas dinner, in addition to ham, vegetables, plum pudding, fruit cakes, cocktails, Turkey.



French Christmas, eat "tree trunk cake", like tree trunk shape cake. It is said that long long ago, when there was no electricity, the French people would give a good wood tree as a gift to their relatives and friends during Christmas. At that time, a young man could not afford Christmas gifts, so he picked up a piece of wood in the forest and gave it to his lover. Finally, he successfully captured his lover's heart. Since then, the Christmas tree trunk cake has become a must-eat for couples.



Most people in Portugal believe in Catholicism, and the Catholic Church does not eat meat during major festivals, so the main dish of the Catholic family Christmas dinner is usually cod, with eggs, potatoes and greens, in addition to wine and various desserts, such as fruit cake, pumpkin dumplings and so on.



Every Christmas, Argentines are sure to eat a cold dish called viteltone, made with creamy tuna sauce.

In addition, Argentines also eat grilled chicken with two fillings, one is ham, cheese and egg, and the other is ham, cheese and vegetables, grilled chicken is also served with salad, salad with potatoes, carrots and peas and mixed with mayonnaise. There will also be ham and cheese sandwiches.



Russian Christmas dinner usually includes pasta, pork, cheese, tomatoes, salad and sausage; In addition, olive salad and herring are on most Russian Christmas tables.

Other dishes include salted fish, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and, on Christmas Day, champagne.


United States

Cranberry sauce, Turkey, stuffing, corn, juice, peas, beef pie, dessert, pumpkin pie, apple pie, almond cake, fruit cake, and carrot cake will be on most American Christmas tables. Some families use ham and roast beef instead of Turkey.



The most famous German Christmas food is the gingerbread Lebkuchen. It's a little spot between a cake and a cookie. The traditional gingerbread, made of honey and peppercorns, is both sweet and spicy with a pungent taste. Today's gingerbread has been modified with a layer of icing sugar, which not only tastes rich, but also looks quite pleasing.



Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so at Christmas time, it's summer... Therefore, Australian people prefer outdoor barbecue at Christmas. So finish it off with a Pomerino sirron that goes well with the barbecue.

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