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  1. The dog of “Rural Love 14” is a Pomeranian.

    Pme dogs evolved from a fox dog. From Germany, the Bomei dogs are small and lively, and they also like to coquettish with the owner. They are also very loyal to the owner. It is loved by everyone.
    The introduction of rural love Bomei
    “Rural Love Story 14” Wang Dajun actively jumped out of the divorce because of the company’s bankruptcy and the communication with Yang Xiaoyan was not smooth. With only one Bomei dog around, Wang Da’s life was not too lonely.
    Wang Da Na is accompanied by dogs everyday, teach dogs to shake hands, eat together, and talk to dogs. Little life is also good. Wang Daqian was originally a very rich chairman, but these years have been bad for investing in some things.
    The finally went bankrupt and divorced with Yang Xiaoyan. Life in his later years is a bit desolate. Fortunately, Song Xiaofeng, Li Daguo and others in Xiangya Mountain Village come to visit him from time to time, which can be regarded as a good person.
    it has soft, thick bottom hair and thick fur. The tail roots are very high, and the tail curls with thick hair are placed on the back. It has a vigilant personality, smart expression, brisk behavior and curiosity. Small and cute, suitable for being partner dogs, white and brown.

  2. Rural Love 14 Wang Da’s dog is Pomeranian.
    In the TV series rural love 14, Wang Da’s dog is a Bomei dog. In “Rural Love 14”, Wang Daqian has the puppy figure in almost all the shots. Dog drama is full. I have to say that the puppy around Wang Daqian added a different sense of joy to “Rural Love 14”.
    In the drama Pomek Introduction:
    In the TV drama country love 14, Wang Da’s dog is a Bomei dog, and Bomei dogs evolved from the fox dog. When his divorce was the most disappointed, his puppy did not give up in the small broken room of the village, and it can be seen that the puppy is precious.
    Ome body shape is small and cute, suitable for being a partner dog, white and brown. It has a vigilant personality, smart expression, brisk behavior and curiosity.
    Ter German fox dogs, including Dutch lion dogs, large fox dogs, medium -sized fox dogs, small fox dogs and squirrel dogs, are also Bomei, and are also competitive competition dogs. Its hair color is white, yellow cream, color, black, red, brown, etc.

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