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  1. Below is better, more common with
    ① No.
    RMB: Frozen pig bones, frozen ducks and chicken big breasts each pound, and a half pound of carrots.
    Methods: After thawing, chop it into a small piece of about two cm (just put the big bones directly, you can grind your teeth) ~ Use boiling water to simmer ~
    Lily ~ The water is over three or four cm in water ~ 90 minutes.
    is very fresh ~~ The duck bones are very rotten, and the meat on the big bone is also gently opened ~
    In the next day, it is divided into a few (see how much it is used once and divided Sentences) Fast frozen in the refrigerator ~
    each time you want to eat, thaw and heat it to boiling ~ mix the soup with dog food together, according to the dog preference ~
    ② n r
    ingredients: 2 pounds of corn surface, 1 kg of white surface, 1 kg of beef or lamb (chopped), 3 or two oils of beef and mutton, three carrots, half cabbage
    Method: Stir together after chopping. A big cake agreed on 3 cm. Poke a dozen pores on the cake with your fingers and steam it on the pan. Each time
    , cut into granules when eating.

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  2. To be honest, I don’t recommend that you are matched because your dog is actually better not to match it. There are many good dog brands that can be folded. You can recommend it to you.

  3. Vegetable meat eggs
    Vegetables can be green vegetables, vegetables, celery, cabbage, pumpkin, winter melon, etc. Except irritating foods such as onions and green onions. Pork, beef, etc., need to remove bones when feeding. Because some bones such as chicken bones are sharp, it will affect the intestine.
    eggs are eggs, duck eggs, and generally white boiled eggs are better.
    Add less seasonings when cooking all foods, just put a little salt, just cook a variety of ingredients together. You can also add some white rice.
    , it is recommended to buy professional dog food. The nutrition is comprehensive. , Economic affordable. You can feed with homemade when feeding. Especially for purebred dogs, the selection of suitable dog food is good for their growth and development. Nutrients such as calcium powder vitamins are not necessary.

  4. Reasonable food mixing in the growth process of dogs can make your dog grow healthier faster and healthier. So, is it more reasonable to match food during the normal dog breeding process?
    1. The dietary standard of the dog baby when three months
    The pet dog has been three months. It is a period of long body that the owner should consider regular feeding. Dog feeding time should generally be arranged during the day, which is suitable for dog breeding general activities. If three meals a day, breakfast is about 8 o'clock, at about 1 o'clock in lunch, and dinner can be eaten around 6 o'clock.
    The composition and quantity of dog food are basically the same as 2 months old. Because pet dogs grow up significantly every day, they should increase appropriately in terms of portion. Generally, every 3-5 days, it is necessary to increase the amount of 1/5 on the basis. Note that if you arrange your own food, you can add a little salt. After the puppy grows up, the body size, bone thickness, etc. are determined by genetic, and the relationship between the amount of food and nutrition is not too great. During the growth and development stage, all parts of the puppy's body were not bleeding and growing. Born until 3 months, the main long body increased weight. At 4-5 months, the growth body length was mainly increased. After 7 months, the main growth height. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to nutritional balance during growth and development, and to ensure sufficient nutrients. However, puppy eats too much, it is easy to hurt the stomach and affect gastrointestinal function. When eating too little, it cannot guarantee the nutrients required for the growth and development of the body. The body is thin, the resistance is poor, and it is easy to get sick. Dogs in growth and development, generally feed a full -price all -price all -price puppy grain with a balanced nutritional ingredient.
    2, the golden partner of the dog food
    If parents like to make some delicious dishes for their own dogs, they need to add fast nutrition cream and composite vitamin tablets to increase the dog's immunity Force, avoid nutritional imbalance. Feed directly or mixed in dog food.
    3, the food of the dog
    The food of the dog is dog food. If you ca n’t eat dog food and eat home food, pay attention to ensuring nutritional balance. So that dogs will be healthy. Animal internal organs (Note: Do not feed pork liver for a long time, poisoning), meat, corn flour, fish (Note: fish's hard spines may be stuck, to pick it), carrots, etc., can be dog foods, almost almost Feed without salt and cook. In addition, it can be placed in the brewed natural alpine sheep milk powder or mixing a little warm water when feeding puppies and dog food, which is important for dogs to grow.

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