1 thought on “What dogs are the dogs raised by Wang Da La?”

  1. "Rural Love" 14 Wang Da La's dog is a Bomei dog.
    Permelon dogs are derived from Germany. It is evolved from a fox dog. There are many ways to say that the blood relationship between Pomeranian dogs. Some people think that it has a sled dog and the descent of Russian wild dogs, and the ancestors are from the sharp -mouth dogs in Nordic.
    The introduction of Bomei dogs:
    in the middle of the eighteenth century, it was introduced to a few European countries. At that time, the trend of breeding dogs was not common. For a while, after the nineteenth century, it was gradually welcomed. The Bomei dogs of small dogs were cultivated in the Bomei region in Germany, and Bowome was used as the name of this dog.
    In the TV drama rural love 14, Wang Da's dog is a British dog, and the Pomeranian dog has evolved from a fox dog. His puppy did not give up in the small broken room in the village, and it can be seen that the puppy is precious.

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