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  1. The dog raincoat breasts are specifically required to measure a circle of the widest part of the dog’s front leg root. Usually, it is also the most fatter place for pets. Because of this place, there are many thick meat and thick meat, so The accuracy of measurement is difficult to grasp. Generally, at least two to three centimeters are released.
    The dog’s measurements include neck circumference, bust and back long, but some dogs may eat too fat or too thin. It may not be appropriate to buy clothes when you measure these three data. Gaohe legs are measured. Of course, if you want to accurately, you can measure the abdomen. The specific method is similar to the bust. -3cm.
    This of dog raincoat purchases
    The main attention to choosing raincoats for dogs is its style. Anyway, the color and pattern of the raincoat can be selected according to their preferences. But the effect of different styles will also have a certain difference. In general, there are two types of raincoats. One is the type of cloak, and the other is the raincoat that can also be taken care of by the limbs.
    The legs with legs, the advantage is that this can be wrapped in most of the whole body of the dog, which can avoid being wet by the dog to the greatest extent. The disadvantage is that the feet of this raincoat pants are basically tightened, so the dogs may not be comfortable for the first time, and they will be a bit awkward when walking. However, this phenomenon will be much better after getting used to it.
    This raincoat, the advantage is that it is very convenient to wear, and dogs can easily adapt. The disadvantage is that the underlying and limbs are exposed outside the stomach, and it is easy to wet by rain. In addition, if the wind blows from behind, the raincoat can be easily lifted, which will also increase the chance of dog shower.

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