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  1. This dog food
    This dog food has the following advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that this kind of food is relatively fresh, and it can be made in accordance with the number of foods daily in pets to ensure that every meal of food in love is fresh; Has high flexibility. However, there are some disadvantages that pet friends should pay attention to, such as: the nutrition of the ratio is not necessarily balanced, the food added may not be safe, etc. Then you must have a DIY homemade dog food after mastering the basic pet nutrition knowledge and pet special food safety knowledge. Come to a series of negative effects, so it is necessary to understand and master the nutritional needs of pets.

    How to start making dog food for your pets? We should pay attention to the following points:
    1. Fully understand the pet
    First of all, clarify the age, weight, and physiological status of your favorite pet, and choose the corresponding nutritional standards. For example: puppies are the peak period of growth. The required protein requirements, vitamin requirements, and fat requirements are higher; nutritional indicators above adult dogs can be lower; pets during pregnancy and lactation are special for nutrition. Requirements; these are special attention.
    2. Nutritional foods
    The types and quantities of nutritional foods are determined according to the characteristics of food resource characteristics of the family, and they are economically affordable and convenient for procurement. There are some rice, white noodles, corn noodles, meat, eggs, fish, carrots, spinach, fruits, etc. These can be reasonably applied to the formula of homemade dog food. It is worth noting that some people can eat foods that pets must not be eaten for pets, such as onions, ginger, chocolate, cocoa, etc. In addition, it is also necessary to keep some vitamin A and vitamin C and other vitamin C and other vitamins.
    3. Principles of "Su Duo Mo Shao"
    Although pet dogs are mainly carnivorous animals, in the process of real feeding, they should be designed in accordance with the principle of "Su Duo Mo Shao". Because too much meat can not only bring sufficient nutrition to the dogs, but also cause some elemental deficiency and protein nutrients. In fact, the protein content of meat is very limited. Generally, 25%of fresh meat can only provide 4-5%protein. Therefore, more protein sources are obtained from other foods.
    4. Detailed record
    E each time before homemade dog food, it is best to use a pen and paper to list the variety and quantity of raw materials used in dog food. Pay attention to try to choose some digestive absorption comparison. There are more good varieties, and less cellulose is less difficult to digest. We know that pet dogs eat a certain percentage of crude fiber is beneficial, but the dog's intestines are relatively short. The weight of the digestive tract accounts for only 2.7%to 7%of the body. A absorption, especially the dogs in the puppies, should be added with less. And record each ingredients on the paper in detail, so that by observation and comparison, it can form a stable and healthy homemade dog food ratio record.
    5. Trace vitamin adjustment
    In the initial food variety and quantity, further adjust the content of trace vitamins, amino acids, and calcium phosphorus. At the young age of pets, some pets for pets can be added or rich in other minerals. At this stage, dogs are in the stage of rapid growth, and bone growth requires rich calcium to supplement. It is necessary to prevent calcium deficiency due to excessive growth. It should be noted that some vitamin's nutrients will be destroyed and completely destroyed during high -temperature and high pressure maturity. Many types of vitamins will lose 30%to 100%, so pay attention to the supplementary vitamin in the later period. After cooking, you can add some vitamin nutrients again to prevent pets from eating foods with insufficient vitamin for a long time, and eventually bring vitamin deficiency.
    6. Balanced nutrition ratio
    The comprehensive consideration of the balance of nutrients, only to provide the traditional thinking concept of providing energy and maintaining life development. The role of prevention and treatment of diseases, so it is necessary to consider adding some drugs that increase resistance, enhance immunity, and prevent diseases when making self -made dog food.
    7. Improvement of parallelism.
    and human beings are only 2 to 3 square centimeters. Pet dogs have 100 times the olfactory cells of the pet dog, which means that pet dogs are quite sensitive to food. Therefore Bitter foods will affect the choice of food by pets. Even if it has rich nutritional value, but not eating pets is a very troubled thing for pets.
    8. Reasonable adding fat
    The reasonable addition of fat is also essential in pet food preparation. Fat as a nutrients necessary for pet growth and development, can participate in cell composition and repair, and provide pets at the same time. Energy and reserves important role. However, excessive intake or products with too high long -term consumption of fat will cause more serious health hazards to pets, such as physical obesity, physiological metabolism disorders, decreased appetite, nausea, sexual maturity, decreased reproduction rate, empty arms, empty arms , Postpartum lack of milk and so on. Therefore, when self -made dog food, fat needs to be added reasonably, and more or less is inappropriate. This should be added according to the characteristics of the pet's own and related nutritional ratio.
    9. Cooking cooked dog food
    The prepaid pet dog food must be cooked in cooking, because the food contains a large amount of starch, starch is degraded during digestion And starch can only be digested and absorbed by pets after sufficient cooked chemistry. Starch that insufficient mature chemicals can cause weak acidic diarrhea in the large intestine.
    10. A proper quantity ratio
    The number of homemade pet foods should not be too much. It should be prepared according to the demand of pets for 2 to 3 days. Before eating, you must warm up. Do not let pets eat cold and frozen foods to prevent pet diarrhea.
    The self -made food, and also requires two aspects of information: the content of nutritional and commonly used raw material nutritional content. In order to make food more nutritious and scientific, you must check the nutritional ingredients of various raw materials in time. It is best to understand the analysis of the nutritional content of raw materials. For raw materials with inaccurate grasping and vague concepts, it is better to give up choices. Healthy growth and safety.

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