Can you give your dog homemade food supplement at home? What are the simple methods of recommendation?

4 thoughts on “Can you give your dog homemade food supplement at home? What are the simple methods of recommendation?”

  1. If you have pet dogs at home, you don't need to eat dog food for dogs, you can also make some supplementary foods at home to eat the dogs. Because you can control raw materials for the dogs at home, so that the dogs they eat are sanitary and healthy. And if you make a supplementary food for dogs at home, it will also save money, because many dog ​​foods are more expensive. If you use some simple ingredients at home to make dog food, dogs will love very much, and it will also have great benefits to the dog's body.
    Buchu to the dog, you must also know your dogs before you do it. For example, you need to know what it likes to eat, and pay attention to some foods that dogs cannot eat. There are some foods to avoid eating dogs, so pay more attention when doing it. First, you can make some small balls for dogs, you can prepare fish, egg yolk, and broccoli. You can mix these foods and mix them together, and then pinch these foods into suitable balls. Then install it with a bag and steam two before eating the dog.
    can also make some vegetables for the dogs at home. You can prepare chicken breasts, carrots, broccoli, and cut these ingredients into small pieces. Then put it in the pot and steam it. The chicken breasts can be boiled with water, and then chopped these foods. In this way, it is more nutritious for dogs, and the combination of vegetarian vegetarian food is better. It can supplement nutrition in a timely manner, and also allow dogs to consume more nutritional elements. You can make some chicken jerky for dogs, which can be used to grind the dogs.
    The chicken breasts are cut into slices and cut into air dryers and dried, which will make chicken jerky. When the dogs perform well, they can also be used as rewards for dogs, and they can be more nutritious in this chicken. You can also make some purple potato cakes, prepare purple potatoes, chicken, eggs, and carrots. Steamed these foods, stir together, make them into small round cakes, and then bake them in the oven. This supplementary food is very fire for dogs, and it also has a certain treatment effect on the dog's tears.

  2. Of course, you can make it by yourself. Prepare carrots, egg yolks, broccoli, chicken breasts. Steam the chicken breasts and cut the broccoli into small pieces. Prepare carrot mud. Then rub it into a ball and steam it for 15 minutes.

  3. Ingredients: Chicken breasts, duck meat, beef, salmon 70%viscera: chicken heart, chicken liver accounted for 15%, vegetables with purple potato plus pumpkin accounted for 15%, and you can add Zealand flowers. Mash in minutes. 2️, purple potato and pumpkin peel into pieces and steam the pan for 15 minutes. 3️, beef, chicken breasts, duck meat, salmon. 4️, all the ingredients add eggs and stir well, rub it into a ball at each meal. 5️, steam for about 15 minutes, not sure if you can poke it open. 6️, wait for the cooler to use the plastic wrap to put the refrigerator and freeze. You can save it for a month to eat it. 7️, the soup filtered out after steaming should not be poured off. You can eat it for the dog. He will lick it cleanly and make it more troublesome. Take out three hot hot and cool, then let the dog eat it

  4. Yes, prepare broccoli, carrots, chicken breasts, salmon, and chopped all the ingredients. Put the raw egg yolk and stir well and steam for 15 minutes.

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