What kind of dogs are more suitable for home care. Dogs that can be raised during pregnancy

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  1. It will not show the strong territorial possessiveness of the guard dog, it will not have too much doubt about strangers, nor will it attack other dogs. Samoyed I don't know why? So many people have raised Xiao Sa. I think the little Sa is not suitable for home care. He just likes the loyalty, calm, clever, smart, and happy with children, always self -sufficient, and be careful about the invaders, suitable for suburban life with children. Originally, it was a managing, and now it is red. The Labrador Hound has a good sense of smell. It was used to find mines during World War II. Now it is used as a sutra, smelling illegal drugs. The big white bear is gentle and smart. It is strange that although he is a large dog, he is even more confusing than a small dog! Intersection Intersection Personality is a bit god ... Don’t think that the harmonious bear human hair will be very good, they usually disappoint you because they do not like to give people teasing border shepherds. This is the first smart ranking in the world. The dog, IQ is equivalent to a 8 -year -old child. Basically, you can learn the smart dogs that you can learn by five instructions. The border shepherd is very friendly to friends and obviously retains strangers, friendly with children. He is also an excellent shepherd, and he is willing to learn and satisfy it. And thrive in human friendship. It is suitable for living outdoors, and a lot of exercise is required. The border shepherd is not just the best pet dog and partner dog in life, but also a good home -to -home cadre dog in the family. Japanese silver fox Japanese silver fox is very strange, very kind to children, but full of vigilance for adults, and they are less friendly to other animals. This dog looks like Bomei and is similar to the face of a fox. It is a German hybrid dog (really complicated) Saipi Chinese dog produced in Japan. It is currently a relatively rare variety. I used to be a dog. Therefore, Saipi's personality is very active, and he will have the temperament of the king. Haha. Butterfly puppies, butterflies, are very easy to get close, smart, happy, vigilant, friendly. The physical fitness looks stronger and likes outdoor sports. He is very exclusive to the owner and will be jealous of the third party. Su Mu and Su Mu are very wise, excellent, approachable, smart and sensitive, and have a good response to mild obedience, friendly, willing to please the owner, suitable for careful children. Cheerful and lively personality and strong feelings. Without appropriate social experience, it may be shy or nervous. The U.S. card is very good, and I need to give him active time. Moreover, the cats on the ears are easy to knot like scalding, and they need to take care of them frequently. Mini Sherry is from Germany. Typical mini Sherry should be clever, lively, obedient, pilot, brave, obey commands. It is very friendly, smart, happy to please the director, strong, energetic, and credible. The Shihththuan Dog Dog and Malta are very similar to, but the hair in the middle of the forehead of the Shihthtan dog is white, and the top of the tail is also white. Xi Shi dog likes to associate with others, has strong attachment and tolerance, confident, clever, loves children and animals, has a long life span, and can live for about 15 years. The ancient shepherd ancient shepherd has a gentle and clever personality, and the bold machine is sensitive and friendly. When he grows up, he does not like to run around, but it is more naughty when he was a child. Loyal and friendly to people. With excellent qualifications to lead the flock. German Shepherd German Shepherd, Black Barrine is it. He is often called a wolf dog. In fact, the scope of wolf dogs is very large. The Tibetan mastiff Tibetan mastiff knows that it is fierce and very fierce. But he can protect young children, even babies. Unlike the shepherd dogs may eat it. But this large dog taste is very heavy. (It is not recommended to be a pet.) Pautenant dog spots, also known as Oarleycho. When I was young, I would be very cute, and when I grew up, it would become huge. It is an angry dog ​​to take him out for a walk every day, because he is a dog who likes communication. (Performance can be considered.) Golden Retriever retrieves dogs and finds dogs, produced in Russia. Originally used in the circus (it was really smart)

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