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  1. Many modern people like small animals and pets, such as cats and dogs, can attract many people's love. Modern people will make some clothes for their pets, such as wearing a dog or shoes, a hat, a beauty and shape, etc., but compared with the ancients, these are actually outdated because the ancients would give the dogs a dog. Dog dyeing nails. The ancients were also very keen on raising pets, so how did they raise dogs?

    It believes that many friends like raising dogs. There is a cute dog at home. It is also a pleasure to bring a dog to the streets and alleys in the evening.

    . However, not only modern people raised dogs, and even the ancient people treated the cute dog.

    Although the dog raising dogs during the Warring States Period and even before the spring and autumn, the concept of "pet dog" was popular late. The concept of pet dog, that is, the animal, the animal, is treated as a small animal, and was treated by the Tang Dynasty ladies at the time as a pet.

    If in the famous national treasure collected in the Liaoning Museum- "Map of the Flower Ladies", two small and lovely "bun dogs" are depicted. This kind of small dog is harmless to people. However, it was presented by the Gaochang State of the Western Regions, not produced by the Central Plains.

    So the question comes, why do you want to give this puppy that Gao Changguo entered? It is also known as the "Byzantine Empire" as the oldest monarchy country in European history.

    In AD from 395 AD to 1453 AD, the Eastern Roman Empire had a close and frequent connection with the then Asian region, especially with Western Turkic and both. Through the transportation of the Central Asian region, it has maintained nearly a century of business travel. Therefore, in the heyday of the Tang Dynasty, the Eastern Roman Empire products introduced through the Western Regions of the Western Regions were common. Among them, it is especially named "Fugogou".

    "Old Tang Book • Gao Chang Zhuan": Seven years, Wen Tai dedicated a male and female male and female, six inches tall, long ruler, very wise, can be touched the horse, and the clouds are out of the cloud. Fuck the country. China has a dog, and since then.

    The name of the king of Gaochang (麴: qū) of the year was the sixth grandson of the king of Gaochang in the later Wei period. As early as the Sui Dynasty, Gao Changguo gave Emperor Sui Yang. Casting years of tribute and bringing a large number of Western regions to the Central Plains.

    The tour of Xuanzang Westward, once. Because Gaochang advocated Buddhism from ancient times, Gao Chang, in ancient times, believed in Buddhism, so he arrived in the place of Xuanzang here, which was warmly welcomed by the Gaochang royal family and was respected as a guest. Essence

    "Old Tang Book • Gao Chang Zhuan": The king of Boya, the sixth grandson of the sixth king of the king of Gao Chang. Emperor Sui Yang entered the DPRK, and worshiped the Dr. Zuo Guanglu, the car master eunuch, and the Guo Guo Guo. (Note: The former Gao Changguo is now in the southeast of Gaochang District, Turpan City, Xinjiang. The person who contributed the dog in this record is called "Wentai". Died, so Wentai succeeded in the throne, and replaced his father in the past year, and came to the Tang Dynasty to dedicate to the dog.)

    The once rich and beautiful of Gaochang Guo Guo, rich in fruits. The transportation hub, so whether it is from the distant west, or the goods from the Western Regions, it must enter the Central Plains via Gaochang Kingdom, and the king of Gaochang has tribute to the Tang Dynasty for many years. The monarch's dedication quickly entered the vision of the Tang Dynasty aristocracy at the time.

    The description of the "Old Tang Book" can be seen that this "brush dog" is very agile, such as: sex is very wise, and can drag the horse.

    It probably two points from these eight words: First of all, this kind of puppy's temperament is very "intelligent". Generally speaking, the intelligent and lively puppy is loved. I think this is also a brush One of the reasons why the dumplings can be loved by the Tang Dynasty ladies. The second point is very talked about, "Can be touched the horse", what kind of talent is this?

    . I think that this kind of puppy has a small size, but the running speed is extremely extremely extremely. Quickly, even "stinging horse", that is, "chasing horses". The title in the candle is the meaning of "biting", so it means that the puppet dog is very courageous and can put the "candle" in the mouth.

    . So the dog is probably a kind of smart puppy with a smart puppy that runs quickly, and will also be loved by the ladies of the Tang Dynasty, especially the royal concubine. Because Gao Changguo first dedicated this dog to the royal family of the Tang Dynasty, the first thing to enjoy this dog was naturally the queen concubine.

    . Therefore, the "pet dog" was originally said that it was probably in the palace. With the prosperity of the economy, the rich people of the Tang Dynasty also followed the dogs to raise a dog for fun. It can be seen that the earliest pet dog in China should be from Gaochang, that is, the Western Region, and even trace its source.

    "Old Tang Book • Gao Chang Chuan": China has a dog, and since then.

    So before the Tang Dynasty? Why is there a record of "pet dogs"? Because since the Spring and Autumn Period, the ancient Chinese have only regarded the animal as a "utilitarian" as a kind of "utilitarianism". Livestock. Let me give an example, everyone understands it well.

    Whether it is ancient or modern, in most cases, people have a consensus. The dog's territory has a strong sense of territory, so it has the function of seeing the home nursing home. It is a "utilitarian behavior" for protecting the house and property.

    . For example, our previous rural hometown, the old people raised dogs to raise them casually, which can make the dog hungry, and there is no "pet" thinking. Shepherd's dog, not even fed. This kind of dogs are purely heaven and look for food.

    The ancients in the Warring States Period also thought so, as in the "Warring States Policy · Chu Ceyi" contained in: In order to be attached to love. The dog tastes drowning, and its neighbors see the dog's drowning well, and want to speak. "The original intention of this paragraph is just that the minister Jiang Yi uses to slander his political enemy to King Chu —— Chu Ling Yin Zhao Jie. (Note: Ling Yin: The highest official position of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, some similar to later prime ministers. Under one person, more than 10,000 people, except for the king, to make Yin Ke head in all affairs of the country, such as internal affairs and foreign war.) N
    Jiang Yi's remarks of slandering Zhao Zhao shot, using the parable of dogs. He said to King Chu, "Some people have dogs, because the dog is fierce and powerful, so I love it. At the same time, it was allowed to do it, peeing into the well, and deliberately let the neighbors see that the neighbor to sue the dog's shape to the dog owner. The dog owner also asked the dog to bite the neighbors. N
    This words to slander the ministers are actually very unpleasant, but combined with the original records, as early as the Warring States Period, dogs in people's subconsciousness is an animal that rely on people to work. For dogs, dogs are to treat dogs as livestocks in the nursing home. This is a utilitarian behavior in itself, rather than treating dogs as "pets" that they are now well known.

    Inned this, it is better to compare the enlightened culture of the Tang Dynasty? Especially before the Tang Dynasty, in ancient my country did not treat dog breeding as a fashion. Dogs can be used as pets, and they are favored by concubines in the palace. It can be seen that the thoughts of the Tang Dynasty were open a lot than before.

    . Another famous allusions in the Tang Dynasty can be proved, which is a historical joke that has been circulating for thousands of years: Kang Ye Ran. Please note that "就" is actually the meaning of "dog", and it is called "small dog", called "猧 (wō)", and "dogs" are large dogs, small 猧, and canine animals The general name. And this chaos is a puppy from Kangguo, which disassembles the story of the chess game. This story is very interesting, and I can tell me to listen to everyone:

    Back to chess with the prince, Yang Guifei held "Kang Ye" and stood beside him to watch. I do n’t know if it ’s too hot in the summer, or the hands are not good. Tang Taizong, who wanted to show his hand in front of the concubine, was watching Li Longji difficulty to lose his eyes.

    What exquisite thoughts of Yang Guifei? Immediately saw Li Longji's embarrassment, so he was very clever to scatter the chessboard and smash the Kang Ye in his arms to the chessboard. Suddenly, the chess pieces flew around, the chessboard fell to the ground, and the whole game was messy. The concubine stepped forward and scolded Kang Ye. Tang Xuanzong looked at the posture, then Long Yan was happy.

    Why? Because Kang Ye was disrupted, he finally successfully helped Li Longji to cover up the embarrassment of losing chess, so that Li Longji had a step down. Therefore, Kang Ye seemed to jump on the chessboard to disrupt the chess game, but in fact, he successfully recovered Tang Xuanzong's face. Otherwise, Li Longji, Xuanzong Xuanzong, will lose chess in front of the favorite woman ~

    . Therefore, this allusion is called the "Kang Ran Chaos Bureau", and eventually the Tang Dynasty novelist Duan Cheng style, included in "Puyang Miscellaneous": "Puyang Miscellaneous Hyrangi · Zhongzhi · Kangyu Ranning Bureau": upper (Tang Xuanzong) summer taste and Prince (qí, originally referring to chess pieces, here is done here, here is done here. A verb: Play chess), the concubine stands in front of the game, and the number of puppets will lose. Joy.

    The "Kang Guo Xunzi", what kind of dog? It is what I said above, "Big Dog" is also ~! (Kè) Lao Lao had a deep study of the dog when he studied the history of the Tang Dynasty, and wrote the conclusion in his book "The Draft of the Tang Dynasty Political History".

    He said: "Taizhen Wai Zhuan" has a record of Kang Guo's sister -in -law, that is, the so -called "Beijing dog" of foreigners, while my people call it "Ha bar dog". So when you see this, you must know what kind of dogs are this Kang Guozi? It is the well -known Jingba dog in our country.

    . This Jingba dog, also known as Kang Guo, was first introduced by Gaochang during the Taizong period in the early Tang Dynasty. Until the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Beijing people still called it "sister -in -law", but after hundreds of years of hybridization, this dog has long been different from the original Gao Changguo, and the characteristics of the capital are unique. Therefore, the Beijing people are therefore. It is called the Beijing -Pakistan dog according to this.

    This "Qing Dynasty Banknotes" in the Qing Dynasty Humanities Encyclopedia: It is recorded that it is smaller than that of a dog. It can be seen that although this Beijing -Pakistan dog is now soil, in the Tang Dynasty, only the maiden of the palace can make the golden gadgets that have been raised. No more than Jin Gui, in addition to sighing a dog's impermanence, it is inevitable to have a joke.

    The ancients who are most enjoyable with pet dogs are Song dynasty. In "Guixin Miscellaneous", "the girls in the Song Dynasty liked to use Fengxian flowers to dye nails "Incidentally, I mentioned another sentence:" I like this today, I like this, or use the hands and cats and dogs as a play. "

    , Red with the leaves, make a little alum, wash the nails first, and then pay on the nails to set up overnight with a piece. The first dye, the color is light, the color is dyed three or five times, and the color is if it is washed. Or Yun also keeps the palace method. This time, I like this, or take the hands and cats and dogs as a drama.

    This is not addictive after dyeing your nails, and the remaining phoenix flower juice dyes nails to the cats and dogs, and this group of Song dynasty sisters can be regarded as the veritable eternal ages It is strange, but through this, it is enough to see the culture of the Song Dynasty, which is the highest in the past.

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