Is the ancients raising pets? What are you raising?

Many of us now like to raise cats, dogs and other pets, the ancients raised? Is it a rich person like rich people and big officials and nobles in ancient times? What pets are they raised?

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  1. In the increasingly lonely modern society, pets have become the consciousness of many people. In fact, not only today, the ancients also had pets. We talk about the more common pets in ancient times.
    The pets who accompanied the ancients first were loyal "Wang Xingren" -gou. The ancestor of the dog is a wolf, one of the earliest domestication animals, which has been tens of thousands of years. Studies have shown that southern China is the earliest domesticated dog. Dogs run from China to the world, and it can be said that China is the "hometown" of dogs. During the pre -Qin period, dogs and horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, and pigs were called six animals, as well as officials who were responsible for raising dogs, called "dog people", which means "dog officials".
    but the purpose of the Chinese people at first is not to be pets, but to hunt and eat meat. Fan Ye, a famous general in the Han Dynasty, was born in a dog. It can be seen that until the early years of the Han Dynasty, the Chinese still retained the habit of eating dogs. In the Tang and Song dynasties, pet dogs became fashion, and the dogs were also successfully grabbed the mirror in the Tang Dynasty's famous painting "Lady Lady".
    △ Pet Cat (from Zhou Wengu's "Lady Map")
    △ Pet Dog (from "The Lady Lady of the Flower")
    Cixi is a famous dog in history. She is in the palace A dog -raising place has been established, and many Beijing -Pakistan has been raised, and four eunuchs are specially served. These dogs eat beef and venison, and they drink chicken, duck and fish soup. Cixi loves dogs, even more loved. The so -called "Cixi's little Jingba, the elder sister's little milk dog, saying no one, saying that dogs are not dogs."
    The cats were also raised as pets in ancient times, but their domestication history is much shorter than dogs. It is generally believed that the Egyptians began to domesticate cats three or four thousand years ago. Cats were originally regarded as God in Egypt. In ancient China, the status of cats was also very high, and even the protagonist was even the protagonist. The Book of Rites records that there is a "galleries" session in the annual ceremony of Tianzi every year. The reason why we look at the cat this may be mysterious and blurred, and it is considered to be able to pass God. In addition, cats can catch mice, and "welcome cats" also means praying for mice. During the solemn and serious ceremony of sacrifice, in the eyes of the public, the "Meow Star" was carried out, and the picture thought of it.
    In the Song Dynasty, the literati loved cats, and Lu You's poems were called "raccoon slaves". The current literati seems to prefer cats more, maybe because the cat is quiet than a dog. The cats of the Song Dynasty also appeared on the political stage and staged the "Cat Cat to change the prince" incident. Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty was a famous cat slave. The cat he loved was dead, letting the minister write words to commemorate it, and buried the north of Jingshan, known as "Dragon Granks". Although humans love cats, cats are always cold to humans. Some people say that cats are very affectionate, and they also say that cats do not understand gratitude, so that humans are more like slaves in front of it, so talents are "cat slaves". In fact, this is related to the characteristics of the cat's semi -domesticated. The dog is completely domesticated, so closer to people. However, scientific researchers found that the genome of wild cats and cats found that the cats still only stayed in the "semi -domesticated" state. Rather than that human domestication has domesticated cats, it is better to say that cats choose to live with humans and domestication.
    In addition to A cat and dog, the ancients also domesticated other pets. For example, in the "Map of the Ladies of the Flower", when the lady was teasing the puppy, there was still a fairy crane on the side. Xianhe symbolized auspicious longevity in ancient times, so it was loved by the ancients and became pets.
    The long -lived animal ancients also love to raise, that is, tortoise. The ancients had a long history of raising turtles. In "The Analects of Confucius · Gongye", the nobles of the Lu Guo saw the turtle longevity and regarded the turtle as a spiritual matter, and built a luxurious house for the turtles. The turtles have always symbolized auspicious Ruyi in ancient times, and even when people named "turtles". For example, the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu had a good friend named Li Guian. When we went to school, we all learned Du Fu's song "Jiangnan Feng Li Gui". Today, the status of the turtle has plummeted, bringing derogatory colors, and claiming turtles and turtles appear.
    This turtles also have a role in ancient times, to detect water quality. It is said that after the ancients hit well, they would put a turtle in the well. If the turtle is alive, it means that the water quality is safe; if the turtle is dead, it means that there is a problem with the water, and it may even be poisoned. Therefore, turtles were not only pets in ancient times, but also water quality detectors. Someone on Douyin lived on the wild well in the wild in the wild, saying that the old well could catch a turtle. I still questioned at the time, where is the turtle in the well? Later, I saw the reason why the ancients raised turtles, and I realized it. Perhaps the turtle caught by that person is the "water quality tester" of his ancestors, or its descendants.

  2. Pets refer to creatures that are raised for spiritual purpose, not for economic purposes. Traditional pets refer to animals that lactate or birds, which are used for rewards and companions. Pets in actual life include fish outline, crawling, amphibious, insects, and even plants, which are used for viewing, accompanied, soothing people's mental stress.
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  3. Early early, there was nothing on the earth
    It God raised some phoenixes, dragons, and other things
    Later, the dinosaurs appeared
    later, people appeared at
    people worshiped the fairy touches, and they also started to raise some things like elephants
    n later, people are bored with pets
    and start to raise children hungry

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