1 thought on “Can I raise pet dogs during pregnancy? How to pay attention?”

  1. It is generally recommended not to raise dogs during pregnancy, because there will be pathogens such as parasites or toxoplasma worms on the dogs, and these pathogens may be passed to the baby by pregnant women, affecting the development of the fetus.

    If the mother infected with a bowworm during pregnancy, it will have a great impact on the fetus, which will cause the fetus to develop deformity. If dogs must be deworming regularly during pregnancy, and vaccines should be injected at the same time to prevent pets from infection of Toxoplasma and indirectly lead to infection of pregnant women. Pregnant women cannot contact pets intimately.

    In pregnancy, the body and mind of pregnant women are under great pressure, and the mood is naturally more ups and downs. At this time, a pet company can bring a happy feeling to expectant mothers. As long as you pay more, even if you are pregnant, you don't need to abandon cute pets.

    If you want to raise pets after pregnancy, the cats, dogs and other animals that pregnant mothers can raise, it is best to choose pets that are adults, stable personality, and well -educated pets. Attacking animals should not be raised.

    Because of the pregnant mothers, the body is prone to tiredness, and it is not convenient to move. Originally, others need to take care of more. It ’s a burden! Xiaobian thinks that pregnant mothers are a good choice, because fish can play a role in regulating emotions. Therefore, if the pregnant mother raises it, it can also stabilize her mood.

    not only pets should take preventive needles and check, but pregnant mothers should also have a pre -marital examination before pregnancy. In addition, pregnant mothers need toxoplasma antibodies before pregnancy. Generally speaking, the most important harm of pets to pregnant mothers is "Toxoplasma disease" that can cause fetal malformations through cat dung.

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