Regarding the "Biography of the Demon Cat" in the Tang Dynasty, what was the situation of the "Haba Dog" in this period?

5 thoughts on “Regarding the "Biography of the Demon Cat" in the Tang Dynasty, what was the situation of the "Haba Dog" in this period?”

  1. It is said that Yang Guifei raised a Haba dog as a pet, and then raising Haba dogs became a trend in the court. In fact, Haba Dog is not a breed of dogs in my country, it was introduced from East Rome. Haba dog was introduced in China when Li Yuan was in power, but specifically, who was the first person who raised Haba dogs did not record. But Haba Dog is clearly recorded that it was brought by Yang Guifei, and it was the trend of raising Haba dogs.
    Peng Guifei, she liked Haba dogs after entering the palace, because it was very small and intelligent, and later raised one by herself. It is said that there is such a small story, at that time, Tang Xuanzong and a prince played chess in the Royal Garden. Because Tang Xuanzong's chess skills are not as high as the prince, he will soon lose to the prince. However, because of the emperor's face, I felt that losing this game of chess was not a decent thing. At that time, Tang Xuanzong was tangled there and didn't know what to do.
    At this time, Yang Guifei came up with a good way. She patted the Haba dog in her arms and asked the Haba dog to disturb the chess game so that she could resolve the defeat. And as a result, Haba Dog really lived up to expectations, which was regarded as the face of Tang Xuanzong. It was because of this incident that Tang Xuanzong was very happy. He rewarded this Yang Guifei heavily. Of course, he also rewarded this Haba dog a lot of delicious food.
    In the late Tang Dynasty, Haba dog slowly became a pet that ordinary people could raise. Haba Dog has also won many people's love with her petite and intelligence. Even in modern times, there are many people to raise Haba dogs, because Haba dogs are really cute, bringing a lot of joy to everyone. I personally prefer Haba dogs, and I feel that I am particularly cute.

  2. As far as I know, the Haba dog "is not the native variety in China, but it was introduced from East Rome." Haba Dog "came to China during the period when Li Yuan ruling. Who is the first person to treat it as a pet. We don't know. In the past 100 years, this precious little animal has been moving in the court. Because of its intelligence and cuteness, people at that time went to "Haba Dog" a lot of good names, such as "Kang Guo 猧 猧 猧 猧 猧 猧 我们"Son", "Bai Xue'er", "Huazi", etc., after Yang Guifei entered the palace, she raised one by her own small and intelligent and intelligence. There is also an interesting little story about this little Haba dog. Essence

  3. As early as a thousand years ago, Yang Guifei had a "Haba Dog" as a pet. Since then, the atmosphere of raising the "Haba Dog" has been passed from the court, and it has gradually spread. A more common kind of pet dog in my country.

  4. Because at that time, the cultural integration of various countries in the Tang Dynasty, it was normal to see Haba dogs, because other countries would also tribute to the Tang Dynasty at that time.

  5. Haba Dog is also a pet raised by Yang Guifei. It was introduced from East Rome, but Yang Guifei liked it very much, which caused a trend to raise Haba dogs, and later became a family that can be raised by every family.

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