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  1. What to do if the dog is lost?
    The pets out of the door are like a Mustang, running wildly between the colorful flowers, potholes, or suddenly staying next to a pile of fresh soft and hard stools. Essence Essence Essence The owner stepped forward, the pet rushed away, and a running disappeared into the eyes of the owner, leaving the master's expression from anger to blank and then frightened after a twist. What, my baby lost?

    In don't panic. First of all, you have to tell yourself in your heart, to be calm, panic and cry, passers -by thought you lost! Credit, first check around. Sometimes pets will go to some very strange and dangerous places. First, check if there is a stolen manhole cover around? Public toilets? Open -air bathroom and swimming pool? To ensure that pets have not lost their feet. For cats, we also suggest that the owner goes to the place where pets are easily hurt, such as some small corners on the roadside. Because the cats will find a corner to hide and lick the wound after being injured.
    If no pets are found after checking all places, the owner needs to call the local veterinarian or animal rescue station. When calling, you must leave your own detailed contact information so that they can feedback the information. Horton also said that in today's society, social networks are also a good way to find pets. There will be many 'pets looking for' groups on the Internet. The pet owner there can not only publish specific information about the loss of pets, but also someone will say that they have seen pets in the description.
    In addition, the owner can also find some places to make instructions. For example, we often see that the walls under the community are full of various notices. Since we can find people Things, of course, can also be found. I believe that as long as you pay a lot, good people in this world will still appear.
    At the end, there is nothing wrong, then go home, I have experienced it, my own dog runs outside without a dog rope, the result After chasing it to chase eight streets, I couldn't enter the construction site. I could only give up home. As a result, I was awakened by the sound of hitting the door in the middle of the night. I found that it came back. You know, the dog is very smart, and sometimes it may be possible. Just make a joke with you!
    In order to prevent pet loss, the owner should do three things in advance: let the veterinaries embed the micro chip for pets, and at the same time update the information to the registered chip When moving or replacing the owner; for example, the dog housekeeper dog positioner, after connecting with the app, the dog's exercise statistics and motion trajectory data after wearing a dog housekeeper can be found in the app. You can also follow the position of the dog's current position, calculate the path between the mobile phone and the dog housekeeper, and the guidance of the driving mode navigation guidance. After the dog is lost, the owner can quickly find the dog's location.
    In addition, the dog must ensure that the fence and door at the door should be closed at home. When there are delivery persons come to the door or pick up, especially check whether the fence outside the door is closed well ; The "Finding Pet" group on the social media "Facebook" register a good information in advance, so that the pets will be released as soon as possible after the pet is lost.

  2. We need us to find it in time. Think about where the dog lost. When did you lose it. Find as soon as possible.
    This can also release pet news in the circle of friends. Let everyone find it together.
    It really, so I had to ask some platforms to help find it. However, some platforms will charge. Some are okay, it is a public welfare organization. For example: Pet adoption and rescue station, this Gong Zonghao is a public welfare organization.

    Is to retrieve it, this cannot be guaranteed.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! Seeing something, nothing is always with you, always lost. Even if pets are not lost now, they will leave the world after a few years.nGo out to disperse and see other beautiful scenery, such as flowers and plants and other natural scenerynPets disappear, maybe it won't come back, but it does not mean that it has never appeared in our memory.nAsk a question, it is sad to think of itnAnswer a beautiful memory and memories are also beautifulnI feel about collapse LnAnswering between people and people and animals is a kind of fate, and you try to think about those things that you get because you lose your good things because this time, let you know the importance of this pet more. Learn to cherish the process of mood to cherish because of this loss that you have experienced a loss of some precious things. After a period of adjustment, you have learned how to face some inevitable losses in your life. Sadness is happynIt was lost, and the owner was so sad that it would be sad if it knew in the future, so it must be cheered up [Hug] [Hug] [Hug]n6 morenBleak

  4. Pet loss is a more important thing, everyone must pay attention to it!

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  5. I have used a small program of "looking for dogs and dogs". The information is rich, and the information can be matched, which greatly increases the chance of finding dogs.

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