1 thought on “2022 Where is a tabby dog ​​in Nanchang City”

  1. There is a dog selling dogs in the Qianhua companion next to the Erqi North Road Zoo in Nanchang City, but I do n’t know if there is a tabby dog. There is a tiger spot dog in Hengjie Town, Yushan County, Shangrao, Jiangxi.
    because we have no blood protection for a long time, the existing tabby dogs, including the origin of the place of origin, are hybridized with various dogs. Only the characteristics of tabots are easy to recognize. "Tabby dogs" belong to the native dog breeds that need to be saved. Pure breeds are very rare and even reached endangered.
    "tabby dog" is a rare breed in China. It has been following our ancestors for a long time. Essence Traditional dog breeds, mainly produced in Shangrao, Jiangxi, are locally used as hounds and care dogs and dog fighting dogs.

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