5 thoughts on “Where is a pet dog sold in Nanchang?”

  1. On Sunday morning, I went to the bridge of the Fushe Bridge. The middle road of Chaoyangzhou was the pet market! When I get to the bridge, I will know that it must be available Sunday morning! There are about 30-50 stalls that are not stored, and there are many pet shops nearby.

  2. The Qianhua companion flowers and bird markets on Erqi North Road in Nanchang, or go to Fuheqiao to see every Sunday, many dogs there are 58 cities on the Internet, Dibao.com, Circle Network, all of them. Sell. Essence Essence

  3. Many types of dogs are called Husky, and the word Husky is usually used to refer to all sled dogs in the north. "Husky was originally raised by an indigenous resident of the Arctic.

  4. If you are in the city, Qianhua is more convenient.
    If into the south of the city, the JD flower and bird market is more convenient, there are several pet shops, and there are quite a lot of varieties. I bought it there before.

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