5 thoughts on “Do you know what is the way to help dogs avoid summer?”

  1. There are many ways to help dogs avoid summer heat. I know. 1. Shaver for dogs. 2. Blow a dog with a dog. 3. Drink cold water for the dog. 4. Give dogs such as watermelon. These methods can effectively avoid the heat of the dog. Therefore, in the hot summer, we must give the dog a comfortable living environment.

  2. I know that there are many ways to avoid the summer heat, so that the dogs can sleep in a relatively cool place, and they can also prepare some air conditioners and fans for them. You can also take them to cut the hair regularly and let them swim. You can also let the dog drink plenty of water. This can help the dog heat dissipation, and you can put a hat on the dog when you go out.

  3. Install a air conditioner in the dog's room, but do not blow it at the dog, drink plenty of pure water, spread some cool cushions in the nest, and thin the hair after bathing the dog. method.

  4. I know, drinking water and cutting hair. When the dog is hot, it must replenish it with water and cut the hair to make the dog cool.

  5. I think you can drink some warm water for the dog, or blow some air -conditioning, the fan, and lead the dog to move under the shade to help the dog cut the hair shorter. I think it is a good way.

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