4 thoughts on “What are the inspection items generally available for pet dog medical examinations?”

  1. The physical examination items need to be selected according to the actual conditions of the animals, such as age and physical condition. A relatively basic medical examination includes general physical examination, blood routine examination, blood biochemical examination, chest X-line examination, abdominal ultrasound examination, etc., which can be adjusted according to the actual conditions of the animal.

  2. 1. Routine inspection. Including the examination of the facial features, the health status of the oral cavity, the health status of the hair, the health status of the skin, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and body temperature.
    2, blood test. Including CBC and blood biochemical examinations.
    3, stool examination.
    4, X -ray check.
    5, ultrasound examination.
    6, urine examination.

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  4. Dog Basic Physical Examination:
    Plip -blooded routine test (evaluate the overall health state)
    The virus infectious disease testing, such as canine plague virus antigen, canine fine virus antigen (detection of common viral infectious diseases of dogs )
    Puctantic examination (parasitic parasites, fungal science and bacterial examination)
    ear canal examination (bacterial external otitis, ear canal parasites, etc.)
    , Chili mites, fungal skin diseases, etc.)
    These are the most basic inspections. If the price is cheap, it will be done for two or three hundred dollars. It is necessary to find a professional pet medical examination center.
    Daenmei East China Pet Physical Examination Center: No. 399, Huacheng Avenue, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province

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