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  1. Open an air conditioner or electric fan: You can blow the puppy for a while, but the temperature cannot be too low, and it is easy to get air -conditioned disease; He fruit: Puppy also likes to eat fruits and cold drinks. You can eat some properly, but not too much. How can a puppy avoid the summer? Can you blow the puppy for a while, but it cannot be too low, and it is easy to get air -conditioned diseases; puzzle the puppy to cut the hair shorter, but not shaved the hair; Cold drinks, you can eat some summer heat, but not overdose.
    The first method: turning on air conditioning or electric fan
    This is used by almost every pet. It is also the most effective method.
    The summer heat, few people can hold back the air conditioner.
    How to the host get into the air -conditioned room, how can you bear the dogs to be heated outside? Doctors comment: Pets, like people, stay in the air conditioning environment for a long time, and will also suffer from air conditioning. The main symptoms of pet air conditioning are also sneezing and runny nose.
    Especially at the hot noon, the pet suddenly brought the pet outside the house, or the pet was brought back from the home with the air conditioner, which was more likely to cause air conditioning disease.
    The natural environment is the best living environment for small animals. In the face of high temperature, animals have instinctively regulating ability, and artificially changing the environment instead of being bad for them. Pets can blow the air conditioner at extreme temperature, but be careful not to adjust the air conditioner temperature too low.

    The second method: repair a summer short dress
    once to summer, you can always see dogs shaved all over, no hair left.
    The sweat glands on the dogs are very few (only mainly distributed on the feet). If the hair is shaved, it will make it directly exposed to the scorching sun.
    The appropriate method is to cut Mao shorter, like a fresh summer short dress (note that it highlights cutting here, not shaving). Trimming a little can not only avoid skin diseases, but also beautiful.
    The third method: Eat cold drinks and fruits
    In the summer, when we picked up watermelons and saw the eyes of dogs looking forward to, it was inevitable to give them a small piece. Just like people will have different tastes, pets also have their own love to eat, watermelon, mung bean soup, cantaloupe, mung bean rod, cucumber, dream dragon (chocolate outside can not be eaten), and some have been eating too hard, one, one, one The golden retriever of the reader's house particularly loves to eat mung bean beef. She simply bought a box to go home. She was happy to feed it 5 in the evening, and she was thinned the next day. So whether cold drinks or fruits, it is necessary. In the summer, you should pay attention to putting a sufficient amount of water.

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