How to judge that dogs are sick?

In addition to not eating and lazy, what are the symptoms that can judge that the dog is sick?

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  1. 1) The eyes are clear and bright. There must be no blue or white membranes, and there must be no abnormal secretions, such as too much yellow eyes, tears, etc.

    (2) The nose is moist and cool. Do not dry, not hot, without snoting. (Observation of the state of the nose is particularly important)

    (3) The mouth has no different odor, the teeth are white and neat. The teeth are generally growing in about two months, and the puppies' tongue and gums are pink.

    (4) The ear canal is cleaned without secretions and tasteless. The temperature of the left and right ears is the same to keep warm.

    (5) Dog's forelimb meat pad is warm and soft. Do not get hot, dry, and hard.

    (6) Observing the anal of the dog. The anal of a healthy dog ​​should be cleaned and swollen, and the fur around the anus should also be clean and smooth, clean and smooth.

    (7) The overall fur of the inspection dog is best pushed forward from the back. There is no dander and parasitic at the root of the hair. There is no large -scale hair removal and other abnormalities. Pay special attention to checking the inside of the limbs, nose nests and claws. (Often people dye dog hair into various colors and patterns to deceive buyers).

    (8) Healthy dogs should be mentally good, lively and moving, and flexible limbs, no bow waist and back phenomenon.

    The eyes are not clear and bright!
    This ears are not clean!
    The nose dry, runny nose!
    bad breath, white hair tongue!
    Anal redness and swelling, diarrhea!
    In breathing difficulties!

    S walking is strange!

    Thisless hair!

    Waiting are unhealthy phenomena!

  2. Cold disease: Dogs with colds will have fever, cough, fever, fever, mental slump, low mood, poor appetite, sneezing, tears, nose become dry and reddish; Gastitis, cold, and parasitic bacteria will cause diarrhea. The dog's excrement is sparsely water -shaped, and the color is white, green and other colors;
    The heat stroke: Most of these diseases appear in the hot summer of the weather. Dogs who are sick decreased their appetite, their bodies are uncomfortable, poor, do not love sports, and their bodies have convulsions;
    skin diseases: affected by bacterial parasites, food poisoning, etc. Essence Pet dogs with skin diseases will have itching and erythema on the fur, and there are heavy hair removal.

  3. The nose was dry, trembling, his eyes were godless, and his abdomen and ears were hot. These are signs of the dog's illness, which should attract great attention from the owner.

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