The dog helps the owner to get the courier and scan the code out of the warehouse. Is the pet dog's IQ so high?

5 thoughts on “The dog helps the owner to get the courier and scan the code out of the warehouse. Is the pet dog's IQ so high?”

  1. The dog helps the owner to pay the code to scan the code out of the warehouse. Many pets have a high IQ, but the owner will not teach. This dog is a poodle. The IQ of the poodle is already very high. Guidance will allow the poodle to master a lot of capabilities. This time this dog's approach has attracted the attention of many netizens. At first, everyone felt that this must be fake, but after reading the master’s teaching, it might be true, because the owner was educating the dog when he was educating the dog. Really special intentions.
    This dogs will only help the owner back home at first, but he does not know how to pick up the courier, and he doesn't know how to get out of the warehouse. Since the coincidence, the owner began to teach the puppy to know the numbers. I did not expect that the dog could really write down the numbers, which was also a surprise surprise for the director. After the dog learned to recognize the number, the owner began to take the dog to pick up the courier, and when he took the courier, he specially taught the dog how to get out of the warehouse, so the dog learned to scan the code out of the warehouse to pick up the courier. Function.
    The videos can find that the dog finds the owner's express on a row of shelves, and then stands up to adjust the courier with his mouth, and then take the initiative to scan the code out of the warehouse. The whole movement is exactly the same as children. Many netizens think that this puppy is simply fine. And the puppy has a particularly high face value, and the dog's hairy is particularly long and smooth. Many people even treat the puppy as a toy after seeing the puppy.
    This dog's memory is actually very strong, so so many dogs are trained as working dogs. It is not easy to train pets. The owner needs strong patience and love. Only in this way can you accompany the puppy to make progress. However, most owners are unwilling to spend this effort, so the owner and the dog still get along in the initial way. There are also some netizens joking on social platforms, saying that their dogs have said that this must be false after watching the video, and this statement also brings a lot of laughter to everyone.

  2. Pet dogs can bring joy and make our lives more convenient. This is because pet dogs can also help us get courier by the way in addition to reducing loneliness in life, and can even use the barcode to make the courier out of the warehouse. This kind of behavior has gradually enhanced everyone's curiosity and trust in pet dogs. When many netizens saw this pet dog, they felt that the dog's IQ was so high. Under the training of the owner Some things can do.
    The high IQ of pet dogs requires the training of the owner. If there is no additional exercise, most dogs will also expose wildness as ordinary dogs, rather than the excellent quality of them. Under the practice of the owner, this dog can go to the courier point alone to get the courier and place it on the code sweepper to receive the courier. Such a picture is praised by many people after seeing it. The dog's IQ is too high. Essence
    This dog's IQ is really not low, and most dogs are very well trained when they get related training, and even when they can hear some small details of human beings, they will make immediately make make it. Quickly respond and make his owner very satisfied. Take De Mu, for example, letting it look at the herds when letting go of sheep can liberate human and material resources, and you don't have to worry about being remembered by the wolves. The responsibility of German Mu is very strong. When it is explained to them, they will do their best, and the task completion ability and quality are high when they get some training.
    It in many videos, you can see the dogs of dogs taking courier, and some dogs can help anti -drug police to find prisoners and harmful items with their sensitive sense of smell. However, the life of dogs is not long. The oldest dogs in the world have lived for 22 years, which has greatly restricted the dog's survival time. Therefore, if there are pet dogs in the family, you must try your best to accompany them so that they can live peacefully with humans in the limited years, so that the relationship between the two is more harmonious and friendly.

  3. The IQ of this pet dog is very high, because the owner often teaches this pet dog, so this pet dog learns how to pick up courier and how to scan the code out of the warehouse. The puppy is like a child. If the owner is patient with it, the puppy will like to learn.
    The pet dog is very smart because it wants to please the owner, because it wants to imitate the owner's pet dog under the training of the owner and get a lot of things to be praised by the owner. Pet dogs can help the owner do some power to do what he can. thing. The puppy is very smart. The owner gives it an order, and the puppy will understand the owner's meaning, because the puppy is human, because the puppy has lived with people for a long time, so the puppy wants to please the owner. Because the owner often picks up the express, the puppy also learned to pick up the courier, and the puppy likes to imitate the owner. Some puppies are very smart and have high IQs. They are inseparable from the training of the owner. This dog will take the courier, which must be affected by the owner.
    The owner often train this dog, and the puppy's IQ will improve quickly. The puppy is well -developed. The puppy's memory is very good. Usually the owner will teach puppy how to pick up express, puppy likes to learn, learn more about learning, learn more The puppy learned a few times. The puppy in the video is very well -behaved and smart. After training by the owner, its IQ will be very high. Puppy often helps the owner to do something. The puppy will be praised by the owner, and the puppy will get the owner's reward.
    . Commendation is the best motivation, because the owner often praises the puppy, so the puppy advances soon this puppy can help the owner take away the courier. Impression, the puppy's memory is particularly good. Because the owner often praises the puppy, the puppy is very confident, and the puppy will improve very quickly. This puppy not only looks cute and cute, but also very smart, so this puppy has been liked by friends. It has also become a red puppy. I hope this puppy can learn well and learn a few more. Skills, puppies will live happier and happier.

  4. The IQ of pet dogs is indeed very high. It can help humans to do some simple activities, and pet dogs can accompany humans like friends, which is very friendly.

  5. Pet dogs are very smart. They are very human. Sometimes they can even understand what we say. Smart dogs can even save their lives.

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