1 thought on “How to avoid the summer heat”

  1. 1. Avoid letting dogs expose in direct sunlight for a long time.

    2. If the dog is a long -haired dog, you can bring it to the pet shop to shave it for the dog. Most of the dogs can be removed from the hair of the dog. After shaving the dog hair, most dogs will have allergic red dots, just apply anti -allergic ointment for it.

    3, the dog is placed in the air -conditioned room. The disadvantage is that the puppies who are often in the air -conditioned room are almost physically. The owner can slip the dog in the morning or evening. By doing running and other exercises, the dogs who stay in the air -conditioned room for a long time will be enhanced.

    4. Bathing the dog more in summer or swimming with a dog can cool down the dog, and it can also effectively ensure that the dog must not skin disease. In addition, there is a need to pay attention to it. Do not drink the ice drink directly to the dog, drink ice drink, and it is easy to get gastrointestinal disease.

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