If you want to take a stray dog ​​home, what inspections need to be taken to the veterinary hospital?

3 thoughts on “If you want to take a stray dog ​​home, what inspections need to be taken to the veterinary hospital?”

  1. There are actually many unfairness in the world. For example, some dogs enjoy the love of family members at home, while some dogs can only suffer from wind and frost outside. There are many stray animals in every corner of the city, and their lives are very difficult. If you are lucky, they may be rescued by good intentions, and have since lived a superior life of pet dogs. But most of the stray dogs are not so lucky, and may be suffered for various reasons until the end of life.
    The first step: Take it to a pet hospital for a health check, usually is dog plague, blood routine, antibody vaccine, parasitic or something, if you find a problem, you need to be treated if you find it. Bring it back.
    Step 2: Make a wash. Pet hospitals or ordinary pet shops can be done. Bathing, nails are too long to cut nails, shave feet hair, clean their ears, squeeze the anal glands or something, and cut it with hair. To make a look, it looks much more beautiful, and it is no longer like a stray dog. It is not recommended to take a bath for the stray dog, because most of the stray dogs have been frightened, you may not be washed.
    The third step: make a decision to raise or give it to others. If you decide to raise your own knowledge, you can search for a lot of knowledge on the Internet. Now most of us have to go to work. There is no time to take care of the dogs, and the time is limited, so most people still have to choose to give the stray dog ​​to others, then look at the fourth step.
    The fourth step: How to give a stray dog ​​out. First ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and friends. If you have any adoption, if you have it, it will be much simpler. Then I ask if there is a stray dog ​​rescue station in the city where your city is located. Since most of this rescue organization is spontaneous, many cities do not have. Now that the Internet is so developed, the most recommended way is to publish your gift information on a special website such as the adoption and assistance of the stray dogs. The best is the Bean Pet Forum. The information published by a stray dog ​​adoption or gift will soon be able to adopt and contact you. There are many caring people in it.

  2. I think the best priority is rabies vaccine and whether there are skin diseases, because if they have not been vaccinated by rabies, once they have a virus, they will not only endanger others, but also affect the health of the dog.

  3. You should do a full body check for the dog. See if he has some diseases, take a bath for the dog, clean up the worms, and give the dog a needle. In this case, it is no risk to bite people.

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