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  1. First of all, the original dog is in a relatively complex group living system. This means that dogs are higher than the IQ of animals in simple social systems such as cattle and horses.
    It, during the breeding and domestication process of more than 10,000 years. Humans intentionally choose dogs with higher IQ to reproduce, resulting in the IQ of their descendants than pro -generation.
    It, some scientists have proved that the significant improvement of human IQ is because humans have eaten cooked food. Because eating cooked food can save the energy of digestion raw foods to dominate the development of the brain. The same is true of dogs. In the past century, dogs have no longer eaten raw meat, and they have sufficient energy to promote the evolution of the brain.
    The four, dogs are group -living animals. First of all, he will have a strong reflection of tone. In terms of dog IQ. I think dogs should understand human vocabulary should be similar to that of a normal person around ten years old. But only the understanding of words and words. Most of them are reflective understanding. Understanding in the sense may be similar to the three or four -year -old children.

    The world -famous dog work service and IQ rankings are based on Stanley Coren, a professor of psychology at Columbia University in the United States, combined with 208 dog trainers from all over the country, 63 small animal veterinary doctors, and 14 research alert dogs and 14 research alert dogs and 14 research alert dogs and 14 research alert dogs. Experts who guard dogs conduct in -depth interviews and observations of various famous dog breeds, and fill in a large amount of valuable and valuable information provided by Vancouver Dog Obedinence Club, fill in a very complex and huge questionnaire to conduct the obedience and IQ of the dog's work. For ranking, the ranking is now published as follows

    1. Border Shepherd Dog
    2. Putin Dog
    3. German Shepherd
    6. Xielan Dog (Xie Delan Sheep Dog)
    7. Labrador Hound
    8. Butterfly dog ​​
    9. . Wilscok dog
    12. Mini type Sherry
    13 British jumping dog
    14. n16. Scottish Shepherd Dog
    17. German short hair indicator dog
    18 British Card Card/Standard Sherry
    19 Brittany Hound
    20. . Weimar Hound
    22. R n27. Cesa Picker Bay Pickle Dog/Polly Dog/York Summer
    28. Giant Sherry
    2.99. Universal
    30. Erus jumping dog
    32 Manchester
    33. Samore dog
    34 Newfoundland dog/Australian 埂/American Stafford County 埂/Gordon squat dogs/long beard sheep dog
    35. Kane/Kelly Blue 埂/Ireland
    36. Norwegian hunting dog
    37. Monkey noodle 埂/silk hairy 埂/mini dog/Pharaoh Hound dog n38. Lowe
    39. Style dog
    40. Belxon
    41. n44. Cavaliers Chali King Hound/German Gang Mao Dog Dog
    45. Siberian Snow Ping Dog/Bear Dog
    46 Tibetan Mastiff/Lingdi/British Fox Hunting Dog/Griffin Dog
    47. West Highland Baiji
    48 Boxer Dog/Dan Dog
    49. La intestine dog
    50. Back Dog
    53. Irish
    54. Person 埂/Akita dog
    55. Dog
    59. Malzis dog
    60. Italian Lingdi
    61. China Guanmao Dog
    62. Dan Ding Meng Meng 埂/Tibet
    63. Scottish 伯/Santa Bernab
    66. Bull head
    67. Chisha
    68. Lhasa dog
    69. Du Hunting Dog
    72. Mastiff/Big Dog
    73. Beijing Dog
    74. Blood embankment
    78. See a good dog
    79. Lee
    The dogs with a ranking of 1-10, most of them hear the new instructions 5 times, will understand its meaning and remember it easily. When the owner is issued, the chance of obeying them is higher than 95 %, in addition, in addition, in addition, Even if the owner is located in the distance, they will have
    reaction in a few seconds after hearing the instruction. Even if the people who train them are not experienced, they can learn well.

    The dogs with 11-26, seem to learn 5-15 times to learn simple instructions. The chance of obeying the first instruction is 8
    5 %. Sometimes for a little complicated instructions sometimes The response will be slightly slow, but as long as you practice, you can eliminate this delay
    . When the owners are far away from them, their reactions may be slightly slower, but even if the trainer
    has a little lack of experience, there is still a way to teach these dogs with excellent adjustment.

    ranking 27-39 is a dog that belongs to the middle level. After 15 instructions, it will show a seemingly unknown response. stage. The response to their first instructions is 90 %, and the advantages and disadvantages of the performance
    depends on how much the practice time. On the whole, the performance is as good as the first dog, but the movement is not so smooth
    coherent, and the response time is slightly slower. If the owner stands a little farther, they may not respond to the owner's instructions
    , if the trainer lacks experience, or is too harsh or impatient, the performance of these dogs will be poor.

    The dogs with 40-54 are dogs with IQ and obeying medium level. During the learning process, I will basically understand the task after practicing 15-20 times. Satisfied performance may require 25-40 exercises. If there is no exercise, you can
    to forget the actions you have learned. The chance of responding to the first instruction is 50 %, but the prerequisite is that we must first take the weight
    . If the owner stands very close, their performance is better, and if the distance from the owner increases, the performance of the dog will be
    poor. Smart trainers can teach these dogs as good as smart dogs, but those who are not experienced, lack of
    lack of patience, may not take these dogs.

    The dogs with 55-69, to make the instructions perfect, it may take 40-80 exercises. Even after so many practice
    Xi Xi can still become permanent habit. If the practice is interrupted for a while, they show that they have never been
    The actions to learn. After practicing The chance of one instruction is 30 %. Most of the time, these dogs
    are easy to distract, and only when it feels happy, the host’s instructions will be executed. They yell because they are likely to ignore it accordingly. These dogs are usually rated as "
    independent, indifferent" and so on. Experienced dog trainers, as long as they are willing to spend a lot of time, and focus on the dog's firm and kind attention
    , these dogs can immediately respond to the instructions, but their performance is just unsatisfactory and

    The dogs with 70-79, let them remember the instructions, usually they must practice more after practicing hundreds of times, otherwise they will forget Even if they are accustomed to develop, they still can't respond to the owner's finger
    , the probability of the first response is 25 %. Sometimes they deviate from the owner, as if intentionally ignoring the owner, or the owner, or the owner, or
    is the authority of intentional challenges. When they respond to the instructions, the action is usually slowly uncertain, or unwilling.
    It dogs must wear collar to obedient, and it is not God as soon as it takes off the collar. Ordinary trainers may not be able to control this
    The performance of dogs.

  2. Studies have shown that dogs also interpret language. They can completely interpret what humans are talking about, but they will be slower for complexity. If your tone is very rich, then they will interpret faster. Does it feel amazing! It turns out that my dog ​​can really understand what I said, and I really dare not scold it casually. What if I am unhappy and revenge!
    , but sometimes I chat with my dog's dog. I think that the dog can understand it, and it is still very happy, especially when I feel bad. He will also make a very warm response, and feel very pleased to think about it! Can dogs really understand people? Studies have shown: indeed!

  3. K2 is so complicated. Dogs are naturally understanding body language -including changes in voice and tone, physical exercise and facial muscle exercise (expression), and communicating with dogs. People must understand the body language of the dog. As a dog, try to exclude the concept of the use of the signal as much as possible. Because the dog does not understand the concept of signal. You must learn the day after tomorrow before you can understand the signal instruction. But this learning is very slow and strenuous. The communication of each other seems to be dumb, and you will feel miracle. Once, I looked up and stared at the dog, meaning "Have you eaten." The dog has a bad expression, coupled with saliva, I know that he said, "I am hungry and I haven't eaten." I was looking for food to feed it. He really went home late and missed the meal for dinner.

  4. Why can the dogs be so smart, can they understand people to speak, Baidu searches Pinyin [123xungou] and will find dog training and dog breeding tutorials,

    When the dog baby is excreted correctly on the newspaper, you need to use it to make it. The process of praising the dog training is always full of fun. In order to achieve new training goals, dogs and owners will face new challenge training methods !!!
    The training methods can be divided into three or four times from top to bottom when combing the layman, combing from top to bottom three or four times, combed three or four times from the top and bottom comb. , Never comb in the end
    "If the dog is not over, the owner can slowly pull the dog to the side, pull the dog's movement soft, not rough

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