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  1. How does the summer puppy avoid the summer
    Is how the puppy is in the summer. In hot summer, most dogs emit body heat through stretching our tongue and sweat, but we can also help the dogs through some methods to help the dogs Summer avoidance, the following will share how the puppies in summer have been avoided.
    In summer how puppies are avoided. First of all: cutting hair is good for dogs, because although the dog does not sweat, the thick hair will still block their calories when they contact the cold objects when they contact the cold objects. Express. However, the existence of hair can block the damage caused by direct sunlight to the skin of the dog and reduce the occurrence of sun exposure.
    If you want to cut your dogs at home, the most important method is to cut the skin with a push. For dogs, cutting hair once in summer is enough. In addition, when cutting hair, pay attention to keep the hair on the abdomen. These hair can protect the dog's reproductive organs from harm.
    Is do not take a bath with cold water even in summer, you can use warm water appropriately. In the summer, dogs are easy to get skin diseases, because Mao is too thick, and can only dissipate heat with the tongue, sweat cannot be discharged. It is recommended that the owner often sorted the hair for the dog. It is advisable to take a bath once a week. It is best to use the bathing fluid of the parasite.
    mame, the owner should choose the time to take a dog for a walk, try to choose to take his own pet to play in the early morning or evening, because the temperature of the ground was lower at that time, and the dog would not make the dog feel too hot. Essence

    The summer is a high incidence of skin diseases. It is best to shave. It can observe its skin condition in time and play a cool role. When the summer passes, the hair can be pulled almost.
    In the refrigerator to make small ice cubes. Without the air conditioner, give it 3 to 5 pieces a day for cooling. Families usually do the summer mung bean soup in summer. You can drink some, pay attention, do not give mung bean grains.
    This is difficult to heat dissipation in hot summer, so first of all, the dog's nest should choose in a ventilated and dry place to avoid allowing the dog to move in a humid environment. There are many dogs on the market with cooling pads. The dogs are lying on it. The gel inside can help volatilize the calories in the body. The owner can also wet the towel, and the dog can also reduce the temperature on it.
    sm not allowed dogs to stay in an air -conditioning environment for a long time to help dog prevent heat stroke and air conditioning disease. After taking a shower, remember not to give the dog the air conditioner directly.
    In summer how puppies are avoided in the summer. 2. Drinking a lot of water to prevent heat stroke
    people have sweat glands in the whole body, but the dog's skin does not have a sweat glands, and the sweat glands are only on the feet. We usually see that dogs love our tongue. In fact, it is to evaporate the liquid on the mouth and tongue to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation by relying on stretching our tongue, so we must give the dog more water in summer.
    In summer, the dog should be prepared for the dogs that are large and not easy to overturn, giving the dog sufficient and clean drinking water. When you go out to walk the dog, you need to carry a convenient water feeder, because after exercising at high temperature, the dog needs a lot of water to drink water to cool down and thirst. And you must not feed ice water, which is not good for the dog's stomach. The time for dogs to go out is best to choose in the morning or evening, the temperature is low, try to play in the shade.

    2. Huoxiang Zhengqi water
    The summer many people will use Huoxiang Zhengqi to avoid heat, and even after heatstroke can relieve heat, the dog is the same. You can add some Huoxiang Zhengqi water to the water that the dog usually drinks to prevent heat stroke.
    3. Air conditioning and electric fan
    It can turn on air conditioning or electric fan to avoid summer heat in summer. This is the most common. The effect is also very good. However, it should be noted that you cannot stay in the air -conditioned room for too long, and the temperature cannot be too low, which is not conducive to the health of the dog, and may even get sick. Electric fan can be used for replacement, but the effect is not as good as air conditioning.
    4. Improve the dog's nest environment. In the sweltering summer, the dog's living environment is messy, which will breed mites and bacteria, and it will also become a hotbed of parasites. Clean the dog's nest, and when it is clear, you can take out the dog's nest to expose and sterilize. It is best to pave the dog or ice cushion as the temporary kernel's foothills in summer.
    The 3 dogs in the summer 3 dogs have no sweat glands, and the sweat glands are only on the feet.
    usually seeing dogs love tongue tongue, in fact, it is to evaporate the liquid on the mouth and tongue to achieve heat dissipation by relying on stretching tongue.
    So be sure to drink plenty of water for the dogs in summer, and carry a portable waterfeder if you go out to walk.
    Because the dog needs to drink a lot of water to cool down and thirst at high temperature, and you must not feed ice water, which is not good for the dog's stomach.
    It time when dogs go out, it is best to choose in the morning or evening, the temperature is low, try to play in a cool place.
    This kernels should be placed in a cool place. Clean the dog's nest. It is best to lay a mat or ice pad as a temporary dog ​​house.
    If conditions can be used to open air conditioning or fan to avoid summer, the effect is very good.

    How time the dog takes a bath
    . How often do the dog take to take a bath?
    Is when the weather is hot in summer, the owner can take a shower every to two weeks, and it is enough to wash it once a month in winter. But also take a bath according to the actual situation of the dog ~
    . What should I do if the dog refuses to take a bath?
    1. Help dog massage combing hair before bathing
    before helping the dog bath, the owner can try to appease the dog's emotions as much as possible and help the dog massage the comb. This can effectively eliminate the fear in the dog's heart. Let the dog know that it is really a good thing to interact with your owner before taking a bath!
    2. Choose a hair dryer with less noise
    This dogs will be afraid of the sound of the hair dryer, but after taking a bath for the dog, the dog will blow the dog. It is relatively large, which will make the dog feel fear. Therefore, we can start from this point to choose some smaller noise hair dryers to alleviate the dog's fear to a certain extent.
    . After taking a shower, reward the dog
    This is very important, everyone must remember to do it. After taking a shower for the dog, give it a little snack (chicken jerky) or stroke to make rewards, so that it can get a reward for bathing. After the cycle several times, the dog will go to the bathroom without saying that the owner will say.
    . Precautions for bathing in dogs
    1. The water temperature should be appropriate
    Is when bathing the dog, the water temperature is also very important. We can try the dog's water temperature with our hands. Mainly comfortable. Generally speaking, the temperature of the water for dogs is best to be close to body temperature. The temperature of the dog will be slightly higher than that of humans. Generally, the water temperature of about 38 to 40 degrees is more appropriate. Essence
    The proper water temperature will make the dog feel comfortable. Excessive or overheated water temperature may stimulate the dog, so it will be even more scared.
    2. Use pets for pets
    . Do not feel that you can use the bath solution you use for dogs. Dogs are not suitable. Dogs are different from human skin. If the use of human bath liquid, it may cause dogs to have skin diseases and hair loss.
    Only, it is recommended to use a special bath solution for the dog. For the dog's hair and the skin, the skin also has certain benefits.
    3. Slowly induced step by step
    If the dog is very anxious and uneasy every time the dog takes a bath, the owner cannot force them. You can use a small snack to make a small path to the bath to seduce the dog yourself Go into the bathtub. For anxious dogs, the bathing time should not be too long. You can use a sponge, and then wash the whole body for the dog with a moderate temperature to shorten the bath time.
    4. Do not take a bath when you are sick
    Is when the dog is sick, do not help the dog take a bath. The sick dogs are still relatively low. If you take a bath, you may increase the dog's condition, so the pets are mainly pay attention to it ~

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