3 thoughts on “Where can the dog feel comfortable?”

  1. I think you feel comfortable where you touch your dog. I have seen a picture before, that is, to dissect the dogs in all parts of the dog, you touch its coolness, it is not uncomfortable, only a better place. Therefore, it will feel comfortable where to touch the dog. If you want to say the most comfortable, there should be three places.
    The first place is to touch its head. In fact, this action is also often done by us. For example, some rewards and whatever are used to convey our love for it through the caress of the head, and Dogs also prefer people to touch its head. It will feel that its owner is very doting and is very secure. When you touch it, you will find that it often has closed eyes, and then opens its mouth. It enjoys such a process, so the dog's head will feel the most comfortable.
    It the second part, I think it should be the back, because sometimes I will touch the back of my dog, he will also be, straight, and then to me hahaha's expression, a pair of pairs It looks very peaceful, so I feel that it will feel very comfortable to touch the back of the dog.
    The third part is the part of the neck. I think this part is second only to the state of itching. In fact, like a cat, I like it. Enjoy the process you massage it. When I touched my dog's neck, it raised his head particularly high, which may be more comprehensive for me to massage it. So when you press your neck, it also enjoys it, and it must be very comfortable.
    So no matter what part of you massage the dog, I think it will understand it as a kind of caress, which is a way that the owner expresses his favorite to him. So I feel comfortable.

  2. Judging from the dogs I contact, it should make them more comfortable.
    Mi I went to elementary school and junior high school. I raised a puppy in my uncle's courtyard. Because I did n’t live in the house all year round, they raised dogs to see the door. They went to feed the dog sooner or later. When I went for the first time, the puppy called me, and it would be fine until the second time. I didn't expect it to remember me after a few months, and I still remembered me every time I went around my feet. Turning around, you can enjoy the head when you touch it. When I go to my uncle's house, I sometimes go to the vegetable garden to get vegetables or picked pomegranate, so teasing it is busy, it depends on you to leave. You will cry at you, just touch it when you come to it. That dog has been living for almost ten years, and then I die. Although I see it twice a year, I always feel very kind.
    . Although I have been looking forward to a dog, my parents at home are busy at work and have no time to raise, and the dormitory is not very convenient to raise. Some time ago, my friend had to stay in school in the summer vacation to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination and rented a house outside the school. At that time, he wanted to raise a cat. Later, I couldn't hold it. I kept begging. We went to buy a dog together. The variety was Jingba, but it was not a purebred. It is named Luca, and Luca also belongs to the kind of person who loves to be touched. I look at it in my friend's house. I play a computer in bed. As long as you touch it, it will be much better. It is probably because it is more anxious to change the environment. Unfortunately, it will be small after only half a month.
    It before, looking at the loyal dog Ba Gong, the professor will touch his head and hug him when he comes back from get off work. I think it should be liked to touch his head, so they will be more comfortable.

  3. Scratching its belly, if it is not far away, it is not far away, you can sit next to it, watch it, talk to him, the tone must be mild, treat the dog like treating people, and use it to use it. Really, the dog is our friend: If you don't have so much energy to coax it, then you can get the pork ribs after buying a ham, and the dog will never refuse. After eating the meat, you can play bones again; or you take it out for a walk, run, and walk.
    This dogs are similar to children. Dogs are not happy. From two aspects, physiological? hungry? thirsty? sick? The sun is too poisonous? There are more psychological aspects, and dogs are also psychological activities, such as gratitude, nostalgia, jealousy, loneliness and other psychology. Dogs are very dependent on people. If they are unhappy, the master will play with him and accompany him, and he will be happy to touch him.

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