4 thoughts on “Where is the dog who just bought it, where is it comfortable to touch it?”

  1. If you are a novice raising dog and just buy a puppy from the pet shop, then you can touch the dog's chin and back hair, which will make the dog very comfortable. After the dog is familiar with you, the dog will lie down in front of you and expose your belly. At this time, you can also touch the dog's belly. When touching the belly, you can make the dogs and you more trust and make the dog happier.
    It can touch the dog's head and chin.
    The dog's head nerves are more, and the dogs can be very happy when they touch their heads. After all, the dog is very close to the owner. When playing with the owner, the dog will be very happy. However, you must make the dog familiar with your taste, and you can't touch the dog at will. If you contact the dog at will, you will let the dog show a stressful response, which may make the dog get sick. So you can put your fingers to the dog's nose first to let the dog adapt to your taste. After the dog adapts, you can touch the dog's head and chin to make the dog very comfortable. When touching the dog, if the dog has a resistance, you should stop immediately.
    You can also touch the dog's belly.
    It if you are particularly close to the dog, and your dog especially likes you, you can touch the dog's belly. Because the belly is the weakness of the dog, if the dog shows the belly in front of you, it means that the dog is very trusting you and thinks it is safe to be with you. So if you find that the dog has a belly in front of you, you must touch the dog, don't ignore the dog's reaction. Because the dog's emotions are also more sensitive, if you always ignore the dog, then the dog is also uncomfortable. Therefore, when raising dogs, you must understand the knowledge about dogs once so that you can raise the dog.
    Is to pay attention to the dog's diet when raising a puppy. Do not give the dog chocolate or some hard food. After the dog gets older, you can give the dog some bones or small bones appropriately, so that the dog can add enough calcium substances.

  2. To touch the dog's head, you will feel particularly comfortable, or you can touch the dog's neck, so that the dog's emotions can also be quiet.

  3. The dog's head or the hair of the dog should be comfortable, so that the dog will be comfortable. And I also feel that you are very spoiled.

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