How to get the vaccine of Labrador in various periods? What to fight? The most detailed adoption.

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  1. 1. Dogs need to be injected three consecutive times during the puppies. For the first time, the vaccine is injected within 6 to 8 weeks, and then it is injected every 2 to 4 weeks until 16 weeks age. Rabies vaccine requires dogs to be over 3 months old.
    Buchi vaccine and preventing infectious disease vaccines do not conflict with each other. As long as they reach 3 months, they can be injected. Puppies are strictly prohibited from going out and bathing during the failure vaccine injection. Bathing can reduce the dog's own resistance and wound infection.
    2. Dogs usually need to be injected once a year after adults. If the owner does not want to injected the dog once a year after an adult, it is recommended to go to the hospital for antibody testing. You need to go to the hospital once a year.
    3, the purpose of the antibody detection is to check whether the antibody is produced in the body after the dog injection, and there are many reasons that can cause the vaccine to not cause immune protection for young animals. Some animals are even non -reactives (their immune system is inherently unable to recognize vaccine antigens). Antibody detection is currently the only way to confirm whether the animal immune system can identify the vaccine antigen.
    The antibody detection is generally only for core vaccines. The antibody provided by non -core vaccines such as hook -end spiral bodies has a short time, and the antibody level is not positively related to the protection. It does not have the significance of antibody detection.
    The most important part of Labrador's breeding. When choosing dog food for dogs, you must distinguish the difference between the food and natural food. In fact, it is very simple. It smells not smelly and does not have a large flavor. It tastes a kind of fleshy flavor, and it will not be very salty. The sound is crisp. Of course, the pet owner must also distinguish the ingredients. Do not choose meat powder or grain. Dog food, it is best to choose dog food with meat flavor.
    The is not too full, full of vomiting and dilute, usually can feed some probiotics to help digestion, and improve the dog's immunity. Of course The bacteria can be fed directly with water, or it can be added in dog food.

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  2. Four Union, Six Union.

    The three -united vaccine, four -united vaccine, five -united vaccine and six -united vaccine. Among them, the four -united vaccine is made of pertussis, white throat, tetanus, and HIB antigen. It can prevent a variety of diseases at the same time: pertussis, white throat, tetanus wind, and meningitis, pneumonia, pericarditis, fungal leather, and annihilation inflammation caused by type B of Bacteria.
    The pet owner can choose freely according to his own breeding environment:
    ① The range of activity is in the community and home. There are often outdoor activities that often travel, or people who need special attention at home, such as pregnant women, children and elderly people.
    Pucting data
    The vaccines that dogs usually contact in China are four core vaccines plus the sub -flu vaccine and hook -end spiral disease vaccine. Therefore, most of them are four -united, six -united, and eight. Four courses include canine plague, small viruses of dogs, auxiliary influenza, and mysonic virus.
    During the puppies, the dogs must be vaccinated and deworming in the eighth weeks, twelfth weeks, and 16th week. Pet doctor will determine whether the dog's immunity is inoculated at the same time and the four couplet and rabies vaccine. When the owner is vaccinated with a dog, it is best to go to a regular clinic hospital to prevent some improper vaccines in the dog, causing more damage.
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  3. It is necessary to inject vaccines to pet dogs, and dog breeding regulations stipulate that dogs must be vaccinated by rabies, which shows that the government attaches importance to rabies. There are currently imported and domestic vaccines. Imported vaccines are mainly rabies vaccine and six -united vaccine to prevent dog plague, small viruses, infectious hepatitis, bronchitis, paranexical, coronary virus. Parents can choose the vaccine according to the actual situation, and then give it under the instructions of the veterinarian to give it to the instructions of the veterinarian doctor Dog vaccine.
    The puppies can be vaccinated in about 1 week after weaning, and they can be vaccinated in their health. Generally speaking, a 50 -day -old health puppies can inject the first diaphragm vaccine. In the future, one shot is injected every 20 days, a total of 3 stitches, and then every year in the injection of one needle (the specific time should still obey the veterinarian instructions).
    It puppies should inject rabies vaccines after 3 months, and they must adhere to one needle every year in the future. The immunization period of rabies vaccine and Liulian vaccine is about 11 months (imported), and the immunization period should be injected in time after the immunization period. Of course, the specific time of the dog's next vaccine should also obey the veterinarian arrangement, and timely injection of the dog vaccine for the dog

  4. After 40 days of puppies, if the health is good, you can start the vaccine ~~


    In three weeks to play four couplets rabies ~~

    The vaccine of that year is completed ~~

    Lianlian rabies ~~

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