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  1. It is necessary to know:
    The advice on the "Cat Vaccine Injection Guidelines" released by the 2016 WSAVA (the Society of Small Animal Veterinary veterinarians) can be immuniced according to the figure below.
    The core of this process is to detect antibody detection around the last needle vaccine. If it is positive, it means that there are sufficient antibodies to generate, and then the replenishment cycle is once every three years. As a result, it was negative to detect the vaccine of different brands. The second test results were positive, which was the same as the above process. However, the results of the second test are still negative, and it can only be considered that the puppies are serum -free individuals, and they can only protect themselves by autologous cellular immunity and congenital immunity. This also explains why a small number of dogs still suffer from infectious diseases after the normal immune cycle, which may have a certain relationship with it cannot generate antibodies.
    The following figure shows the time for the recommended vaccination and strengthening suggestions:
    It other precautions for vaccine:
    1. The bottle label of the regular imported vaccine is easy to tear off, stuck on the dog's dog's In the vaccine, the owner must remember to bring the vaccine to do the vaccine and label the doctor's signature registration.
    2. In subsequent strengthening of immunity, you can choose the vaccines of different companies, so that you can add the virus -based immune spectrum that the previous vaccine does not have.
    3. After the vaccine is injected, stay at the pet hospital for about half an hour to see if the dog has an allergic response to the vaccine so that the doctor can treat it in time.
    4. Before the vaccine, the dog is dewheed in the body and outside the body. When the dog has a parasitic infection, it will affect the effect of the vaccine to a certain extent.
    1, first ensure that the dog's health is healthy, then deworming, and after 10 days of deworming, the vaccine is injected!
    2, the vaccine is recommended to be imported, the domestic production is not recommended!
    3, the puppy, the puppy The vaccine in the first year is divided into three times, and the interval between not more than 20 days!
    4, the dog must be healthy before the vaccine, not a cold!
    5, the injection every year in the future in the future will be injected a month in advance every year. Just vaccine!

  2. There are many brands of the vaccine, but I personally think that Pfizer is the best. Our ball played Pfizer's vaccine.

    It before injection of the vaccine for our home ball, I have worked hard,

    Thi Wei Wei has 4 and 8 union. Dogs are too young and don't recommend playing 8 couplets. It can be played at the time of consolidation once a year after adulthood.

    It 45 days of vaccine can be used, but puppies within three months should not be vaccinated with hook -end spirals! Because the hook -end spiral body is injected in the puppies with a three -month -old puppies, other several other couplets will be killed. Therefore, the best choice is: Pfizer 4 combined and 5 defenses to prevent diseases such as canine plague, small, type 2 gland (hepatitis), and auxiliary influenza.

    The first needle after the first needle. 15 ~ 20 days to get the third needle. It is best to get the needle of the same brand these three times.

    The rabies. The puppy cannot be vaccinated within three months, and it is best not to take a bath during injections. Because the dogs will be more fragile, just like people's vaccination needles, they are injected with a small amount of strains.

    This can be finished. The rest is to wait for 11 months, and strengthen the consolidation of a needle vaccine every year.

    The forgotten to say that if your dog is just bought, you must observe for a week at home. If the dog has any illness during this period, you cannot get an injection!

    everyone said that the deworming should be 10 days before the injection. As long as the dog is healthy, there is no need to do this, because the dog itself is relatively small, which is relatively weak. If the amount is not good, the ball is deworming for 13 days in the first needle, and then the second needle that is hit at 3 days.

  3. How to get the dog's vaccine

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  4. First, ensure that the dog is healthy, then repel deworming, and after 10 days of deworming, the vaccine is injected!
    Cope is recommended to be imported, domestic is not recommended!
    The first vaccine of the puppy was divided into 3 times, each time the interval is not more than 20 days!
    It to ensure that dogs are healthy before the middle and late stages of vaccine, and they cannot catch a cold!
    It will be vaccinated once a month in advance every year!

  5. The first time is the first time, and then it will be played again every half month, three times, and the last rabies vaccine will be played together. Good vaccines are generally playing Intelvi 4. Find a good and reputable pet hospital. Take care of dogs during the vaccine. Do not cold. If you take medicine and injections, you will affect the vaccine effect and even fail.

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