2 thoughts on “How to raise dogs in the building”

  1. 1. Many people like dogs, but they also think that dogs are troublesome and do not know how to raise, especially friends who live upstairs. In fact, raising dogs is very simple. As long as you just start to develop a good habit of developing a dog, it will be very convenient in the future.
    2. At the beginning, you must insist on taking the dog out to walk the dog every morning. Don't be greedy for his comfort. I know that it is not convenient to be at home. If it is urinating at home, you can punish it in a small, such as hitting it and let it know that it is wrong.
    3, take dogs out 2 to 3 times a day, at least half an hour each time, give it sufficient exercise and entertainment time, so that dogs are not easy to get sick. When the dog reaches a certain age, you must give him a vaccine, don't pay a greater price for saving that money.
    4. Set a dedicated place to sleep for the dog. Do not let it sleep around, otherwise it will be messy everywhere. Take a bath regularly and wash it every 3 days, otherwise the dog will easily taste it, and it will be difficult to smell the home.
    5, do not forget to eat dogs every day, you can buy special dog food, or you can eat it for dogs every day. Dogs usually eat. Take a dog for a regular check to see if there are any physical diseases and infectious diseases.
    6. Keeping dogs must have love, and we must raise like a child who loves themselves, otherwise don't raise it.

  2. If you don’t raise a dog, you will never know what kind of experience is going to pick up the dog
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