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  1. Hello, the dog repellent medicine in the dog’s body is as follows:
    1. Drug name: pyrathone (driven spirit)
    a. Paragraph: It has a good driving effect on most tapeworm adults and larvae. It is mainly used to drive the dog’s compound tapeworms, tapeworms, mid -line tapeworms, multi -headed tapeworms, and fine -grained spine tapeworms.
    b. Usage and dosage: Oral: 20-50 mg per kilogram of weight.

    2. Drug name: chloriditate (extinguishing the sagita)
    a. Worm is invalid.
    b. Usage and dosage: Oral: 100-125 mg/time weight per kilogram.

    3. Drug name: pyromone
    a. Paragraph: broad -spectrum deworming medicine, which is effective for insects and tapeworms. It has a good driving effect.
    b. Usage and dosage: Oral: 50-75 mg per kilogram of weight.

    4. Drug name: propymzole
    b. Usage Dosage: Oral: 10 ~ 20 mg per kilogram of weight.

    5. Drug name: steamba 100/500
    a. Paragraph: broad -spectrum deworming medicine, can remove 13 kinds of parasites including tapeworms, nematodes and tapeworms at one time Worms are suitable for any age, pregnancy and mammal dogs, which are safe and reliable.
    b. Usage and dosage: In the morning, “Steaming” Duzhu Pills and a small amount of dog food are allowed to take love dogs. After about 8 hours, let the dog eat normally. In the meantime, please let the dog drink more water. High efficacy; slightly toxicity; proofication.

    6. Drug Name: By worship the pets
    a. Practical purpose: effectively kill 99.9%of the intestinal parasites, if there are already many, consolidation after 2 weeks can remove the body to the maximum extent, Residual parasites.
    b. Usage and dosage: can be fed directly without fasting.

    7. Drug name: net injection of insects
    a. Purpose: 10%of pyromatone, colorless transparency, effective for multiple sucks, tapeworm Peridity, liver absorbing disease and tapeworm disease.
    b. Usage Dosage: Deep muscle injection: 0.1–0.2 ml/time per kilogram.

    8. Drug name: Sulfa dihydraine
    b. Usage and dosage: Oral: 55 mg per kilogram of weight/time, for 21 days.

    9. Drug Name: Iemozole benzene
    a. Purpose: The newly developed anti -dog Babasi worm medicine, with a small amount and good efficacy.
    b. Usage and dosage: subcutaneous or muscle injection: 0.25 mg/time per kilogram of weight.

    10. Drug name: Ding
    a. Purpose: Effectively for dogs’ tapeworms, compound reedous tapeworms, and fine -grained spiny glutinous tapeworms.
    b. Usage and dosage: Oral: 25-50 mg/time weight per kilogram.

  2. Dogs are very necessary to repellent in the body, and prevention is greater than treatment. Although it has been suffering from a certain parasitic, it is also good for the targeted deworming effect, but pets are suffering. There are some parasites that are commonly suffered from human and animals, such as tapeworms, flea lice, etc. The pets have threatened these parasites to be infected with people, especially when they have children at home. Usually pay attention to regular insect repellent, pay attention to hygiene daily, and normal feeding, can hardly be infected with parasites, so generally there is no need to choose a high -spectrum medicine for some kind of parasitic drugs.
    In internal drive is the internal administration, mixed in the food to let the dog eat it to achieve insect repellent; the external driver is external, generally drops, dripping behind the pet’s neck, penetrating the blood of pets, circulating in the body, circulating in the body It can be retained for a long time to achieve insect repellent. The brands are different, the main ingredients are different, and the effect of parasites is different. Worshiping pets is very good for tapeworms and hookworms.
    The main ingredients for worshiping Qing are non -Bangre, piomarone, and bisircarinoline, which has a good effect on the parasites and harmless to humans and animals. Common hookworms, whip worms, tapeworms, and tapeworms can be effectively removed and prevented. This kind of insect repellent is good. There are many types of parasites and a long duration. It is the leader in the internal drive.
    The in vitro deworming, you can consider the use of SERESTO, which is used to drive flea, tapeworm and other in vitro parasites for 8 months. SERESTO is also very convenient. As long as it is placed in the card ring, the collar can automatically adjust the size and don’t worry about the dog’s weight gain.

  3. What kind of dog deworming medicine is good, what kind of good dogs are good

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