5 thoughts on “How should I raise dogs in the building? What are the issues?”

  1. If you raise dogs in many rural areas, it can be said that dogs are running anywhere, but if you raise dogs in the building, we can raise lion dogs, or some other more lovely dogs, and such dogs are particularly special. The cuteness, I won't run around. In our house, I have to give him a place where he lives. There is a cage to close him, and there is a place where he sleeps for meals. The most important thing is to prevent him from affecting the lives of other neighbors. This is also the most basic thing living in the building.

  2. I lived in the building and raised a dog, so I walked for ten minutes every morning, and went home again at about five o'clock. It would be guaranteed to walk at least half an hour at about eight o'clock. It can ensure that it is not urinating in the cage. Of course, when it is a kid, it must be patient at home, or it must be cultivated at home from an early age. Then drag it with disinfectant in the house every day. Even if you are lazy, you have to ensure at least once a week. Worried that the hair was shaved at home and put on clothes and put on clothes. If you have the conditions to buy more toys for it.

  3. I think that dogs in the building must pay attention to the cleaning of some pets. I think the cleaning of these feces is some of the content you need to pay attention to. You must clean them up. Expedition, I think these excretion is something that a pet owner should not do

  4. When we want to raise dogs when we live in the building, we must pay attention to the types of dogs we choose. We must choose the right. It is not suitable for raising those big dogs in the building, and it is easy to run out. Some pet dogs are relatively small, and if they can be kept in a cage, because otherwise, it will be inconvenient and there will be no way to control his actions.

  5. When raising dogs in the housing building, we should pay attention to the problems that must be cleaned in time to keep him clean in time. Secondly, it is to teach him to urinate at the designated location so that the interior of the staircase will clean In the end, he called him, taught him what was quiet, when should he quarrel, and when should you not quarrel or be called.

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