How do pet dogs grow in the building?

I like dogs very much, but I can’t support it in the building. How to deal with feces?

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  1. It is mainly to deal with pet excrement in the building.
    The I do this. Take it out for 20 minutes after feeding (don't run at this time, walk more, try to run after 40-60 minutes after feeding), run after feeding It will be convenient outside (just pick up the shit with the newspaper plastic bag), let it develop habits, eat it regularly every day, and take it out regularly for convenience. Basically, it will not be at home.
    The also paved with multiple newspapers, do not change the location, let it be convenient on it, and then remove a small amount of newspapers daily, until the remaining half of the left or so, make it accustomed to the newspaper conveniently. Essence
    It another way is to use the dog's natural habit of smell, use the dog urine to conduct the urine, spray it in the bathroom, and then take it to smell it. He will be convenient there. After a few times The place is convenient.
    The things on the Internet have a lot of things in this area, search for fixed excretion, do it

  2. 1. Choose a variety suitable for raising in the building.
    2. Teach it to learn to defecate. Generally, dogs over half a year can be possible. Remember to follow the feces and do not pollute the environment.

  3. What can be raised, not everyone has financial ability to live in the villa
    , but most people have dogs, you can train it to be convenient in the toilet
    R n generally without training if it is convenient for walking outside, it will not urinate in the room twice, but the puppy cannot be stool, so you may need a toilet or the like. When you go out, you must remember to clean up on the road, so as not to step on others. At that time, it is easy to cause neighborhood contradictions
    , and you need to train your dogs. If it is easy to affect the normal rest of others
    , after all, someone does not like dogs, so we try not to let the neighbor affect

  4. For the first time, you can buy a induction agent, mainly to train dogs with fixed stool !!
    . For example, if the dog always smells everywhere, especially changing a new place, he is looking for the size. In the place of stool, at this time you can pay attention to its movement. If you want to urinate, quickly bring it to the place you think is reasonable, let him urinate, and spray the induction agent. If you have a big size. So your problem is solved !! If you have a stool, you can buy some darlings Xiangye bacteria, which is very useful !!!

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