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  1. The dogs who look like a polar bear are called big white bear dogs. Big White Bear Dog, Alias ​​Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Its body is strong and coordinated, beautiful and elegant, solemn and majestic, with emperor -like manners.
    The is confident, gentle and friendly (individual personality), calmness, strong sense of responsibility, loyalty and bravery. It is the most powerful dog breed today. Under various climatic conditions, you can loyal to work. The history of the big white bears dates back to the ancient Roman period, and the ancient Romans brought to Spain.

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    The average life expectancy of the early family dogs is basically the same as the wolf, and the growth environment is as the dog Different varieties, their life expectancy is greatly affected. Under the circumstances of the growth environment, there are large differences in the average life of dogs in different varieties, and this difference is often linked to the body.
    The average life expectancy of small dogs is more than 15-18 years, and individuals with a common life span of up to 20 years; the average life expectancy of medium and large dogs is generally 10-15 years; giant dogs due to their physical structure and bones and other congenital reasons Generally, the average life span is shorter than other dog breeds, and some varieties have only 6-8 years of average life.
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  2. "Big White Bear" is named after a polar bear, and is native to the Bilimian Mountains at the junction of France and Spain, so it is also known as the Dabiri Nulls. The main purpose is to guard dogs, rescue dogs and partner dogs. Historically, the big white bear dogs were used to protect the herds in the Blurian Mountains and drive away the bears or wild wolves who attacked the sheep.

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