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  1. Ordinary pet -level visual products are two or three thousand to seven or eight thousand. Generally, most of the dog markets are Husky skewers, and they can be bought by hundreds of dollars, at most a thousand pieces. In short, although the Husky in the market can be described as flooding, the price has fallen and fell, but if you really care about the pure bloodline, it is unlikely to buy a purebody Husky. Higher, strong and powerful jaw, approximately wolf's face shape. Ear: Small and triangular, the distance between the ears is wide, and the ears are upright. Eye: Copycare of apricot and tilt. The color is blue or tea. Mouth: It always looks like a smile. Body: strong body, thick chest, straight back, round hips. Mao: The lower hair is like wool -shaped and thick, thick and hard upper hair, the hair color is white or from light gray to black color, from golden yellow to pork liver color. Limbs: thick forelimbs, developed muscles, and strong hind limbs. Foot: quite large and strong, thick and tight toes, elliptical toes, and hoe between the toes. Tail: It is covered with soft and fluffy hairs, tail heels, tails drooping at a break, and bending on the back while working. About misunderstandings 1. Blue eyes and brown eyes and cricket eyes are equal. There are no good or bad divisions 2. Black and smoke ash and red hair color are equal. Equality, there is no good or bad, 4. The sunroof is not impure, but the hair color gene is different.

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