1 thought on “How to train dogs to open up and fight”

  1. 1 I have to feed some living animals, such as chicks.
    2 It's okay to hold small animals in front of it. The dog's territory is very conscious, which will evoke its bloody.
    3 Some openings are very late or even 5 years old. It is best not to let your dog be bite too long.
    4 After doing more training, I start to hang up training and jogging.
    5 It's okay not to let it go with other dogs to play slowly.
    7 The corporal punishment can only be used in the case of biting people. To train large dogs. Some need to use violent means. In addition, when training with iron rims or nails is also ineffective, you should ask the veterinarian or experts in a timely manner.

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