What are the ten most popular dogs in the world, what are the loyal and cute dog species suitable for home care?

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  1. Family pets have become a popular trend. Among them, poodles, Bichon, Sherry, and Pomeranian dogs are loved by people because of their cute character and appearance. Dog breeds, sausage dogs, Big dogs and British dogs can live in harmony with the elderly and children at home, and they are good family companions.
    The most popular and suitable dog breeds in the world
    1, poodle
    Purters are also called lady dogs. They are very smart dogs. The most attractive thing is that it is all over The curls of the whole body, because most of the families will choose it for pet dog breeding, the pace of Wooden dog walking is very elegant and easy to approach others.
    2, Labrado
    Labrador is a large dog, and it is also an offensive dog. Its IQ is very high and is willing to take the initiative to approach people, especially for children. Essence He is loyal to the owner and has high obedience. He is a good family companion.
    3, Husky
    Husky is also known as "Er Ha". It is a relatively old variety and belongs to medium -sized dogs. Although it looks like a wolf, it is actually very docile and occasionally a bit small. Naughty is a pet dog that is popular in the world.
    4, golden retriever
    Golden retriever is very enthusiastic and friendly to humans. It is the most loyal and most suitable dog for human beings. It is also the top ten most popular dogs in the world. Called recovery dogs, often raised as guide dogs.
    5, sausage dogs
    A sausage dogs are native to Germany. They are short -legged and long hounds. It has amazing endurance and physical strength. Partner, and the sausage dog is independent and independent, so it is very easy to raise.
    6, Sherry
    Sherina's personality is very docile, and its appearance is also very distinctive. It has long beard and eyebrows. It is particularly cute when erected with ears, which is popular with people. It can get along with the children at home, and there are few hair loss, which reduces the trouble of family cleaning.
    7, Biens
    The Bichon dogs are welcomed by many people because of their petite and lovely body shape. Because their hair is generally white and very lively, many girls will raise it. But the Bear Dog is a dog that is more afraid of loneliness, and accompany it more.
    8, Big dog
    is one of the world's famous dogs, belongs to the hunting dog, and it also has a MiGlu hunter. Big dog is full of vitality and strong curiosity. It is not only a pet dog, but also a good partner. It is also a prototype of the comic Snoopy.
    9, Bomei
    Pamed native to Germany, a German fox dog. The body is small and cute, and most of them are white and brown. They are very smart and very agile. They are a compact, short -back, and active play dog. They are also suitable for family partner dogs.
    10, British fighting dog

    British bullfighting dogs are very loyal to the owner and high obedience. They are very suitable for family care. They are willing to get along with the elderly and children at home. Although it is drooling and snoring, it is gentle and cute and can bring a lot of fun to the family.

  2. Akita dogs, Chinese pastoral dogs, golden wool, Alaska, Husky, these dogs, they are more docile and humorous. More suitable for home care.

  3. Pomeranian, Bargers, teddy dogs, Corgi dogs, Bayu dogs, Labrador dogs, golden retrievers, Husky dogs, Sherry dogs, Samoyed dogs

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