How to get vaccines for puppy

I just bought a golden retriever and wanted to vaccinate the dog by myself, but I do n’t know how to fight. Please answer the friends who know. Essence Essence Essence Thanks!

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  1. The methods are as follows:
    1, red bottle is diluted solution, blue bottle is vaccine, and the preservation conditions of the vaccine are 2-8 degrees Celsius.
    2, prepare alcohol, medical cotton, and disposable syringe when injections.
    3. Pour alcohol into a clean container.
    4, tear the medical cotton into a container that pour good alcohol.
    5, first disinfect the red bottle diluted liquid bottle mouth with alcohol and wait for alcohol to volatilize (the same is true of the blue bottle).
    6. Use a syringe to pull out the diluted liquid in the red bottle.
    7, remove the anti -counterfeiting label of the blue bottle (vaccine).
    8. Pull the incense (diluted solution in the red bottle) into the blue bottle (vaccine).
    9, shake it with your hands.
    10, shake it and pull it out, the needle is pushed up in the air, and the air can be discharged with light bombs.
    11. It is better to see the liquid.
    12, first disinfect the dog to be injected with alcohol (I generally injected the back of the neck), but cannot be injected immediately. You must wait for alcohol to volatilize.
    13, put the dog, lift the injection area in one hand, and injected the needle in the needle in one hand (this method will not hurt the dog).
    14. After finishing the cotton ball, hold down the needle, so even if you make great achievements.
    The first needle of expand data: 2 couplets to prevent canine plague and small viruses.

    The second needle: 5 couplets, prevention of canine plague, small virus, infectious hepatitis, canine diinel virus, auxiliary fluch fluid (at least one week after the first needle).

    The third needle: 6 units 1 needle rabies 1 needle, or directly 7 united. The 7 union is the 6 -combined rabies (the second pins are divided into 20-30 days and then played again).

  2. 1. Subcutaneous injection method: For those who are more likely to dissolve, non -irritating medicines and some epidemic prevention vaccines, subcutaneous injection can be used. The injection site is generally on the side of the dog’s chest, middle of the neck, back of the scapula, and back of the hips. When the injection method is injected, the local cutting hair is sterilized, and then the skin of the injection site is lifted by hand to form a wrinkles. 1-2cm subcutaneous can be injected. After pulling out the needle, remember to disinfect the injection site.
    2. Muscle injection method: The injection site can choose the dog’s stock, waist, hip back, neck side, and inner thigh muscles. If it is a small dog, it is generally necessary to find a family to cooperate; if it is a large dog, it is best to make the dog appropriately. After disinfection of the alcohol in the injection site, hold the syringe, so that the needle and the skin will be pierced into about 1-2cm at 60 degrees or vertically, inject the medicinal solution, and the injection site is disinfected after the injection. When performing the above two injection methods, the movement must be quickly and accurate. The needle should be crisp, and the operation is completed when the dog is too late to respond.
    3. Pet dogs raised by the family sometimes have some symptoms similar to diarrhea or cold. In fact, the dog owner does not have to be sent to a pet hospital for treatment. He treats the dogs by himself, which is convenient to save trouble, but also increases the endless breeding experience.
    Pucting data: 1. Vaccine refers to biological products made by various pathogenic microorganisms for vaccination. The vaccine made with bacteria or spirals is also called bacterial seedlings. Vaccium is divided into two types: live vaccine and dead vaccine. Commonly used live vaccines include kaley seedlings, spinal ash vaccine, measles vaccine, and plague fungus seedlings. Commonly used vaccine include pertuscoplasma seedlings, typhoid bacteria seedlings, streaming cerebral fungus seedlings, and cholera bacteria seedlings.
    2. The production time of different vaccines is different. Some vaccines may take 22 months to produce a batch. The development of vaccines is a long and complex process, and the cost is high. Vaccination is the most economical and effective public health intervention measures to prevent and control infectious diseases. For families, it is also an effective means to reduce the incidence of membership diseases and reduce medical expenses.
    3. It is estimated that immune vaccination can avoid 2 million to 3 million cases per year due to white throat, tetanus, pertussis and measles. The global vaccination coverage rate (the proportion of children who have obtained a recommended vaccine in the world) has remained stable in the past few years.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, your question has been received, sort out the answer ing ~~ Please wait a while, reply to you in about 5 minutes, please wait patiently ~~~nHello! I am very happy to answer it for you. It is feasible that the owner’s injection of the dog in the family is feasible, because the injection method of the regular vaccine of our dogs is injecting under the skin. For the owner, the biggest advantage is that it is easy to learn and dangerous. Low sex, even the owner without medical experience, can operate the vaccine injection process under the simple explanation of pet hospitals.nHowever, in fact, the owner’s injection of drugs and vaccines in the family does not look so lost, because about vaccine and drug injection, we still have some misunderstandings. If you do not pay attention to these misunderstandings, the owner may directly operate the injection process and may bring evil results. EssencenDog drug injection is divided into: subcutaneous injection: The main injection parts are the scarcity of blood vessels on the back of the cat and dog back, neck, and other subcutaneous tissues. The most common is vaccine injection. Muscle injection: The injection site is a plump muscle and no large blood vessels. It is used for drug injection that is difficult to absorb. Generally, muscle injection is used during the treatment of some diseases. It may hurt the nerves so not introducing muscle injections to the host. Intravenous injection: The most routine of intravenous injection is “infusion”, which is characterized by fast efficacy, so it is used for emergency symptoms.nThese three injection methods, muscle injection and venous injection are difficult to control non -professional medical staff, especially if muscle injection may hurt the nerves once the operation error, so it will not give you too much introduction. Two injection methods in the family.nOne of the risks of family injection: The storage environment of the vaccine failure vaccine is relatively harsh. Generally, the storage temperature of the vaccine storage temperature is 2-8 ° C (the preserved temperature of the live vaccine is at minus 15 ° C). It will fail within 2 hours, and even if it does not fail, the immune effect will be greatly reduced. The most prone to immune failure in home purchase is: the vaccine purchased online is not preserved in the process of transportation. The requirements of vaccine transportation are cold chain transportation throughout the process. General logistics cannot meet this condition, so the use effect will be greatly reduced.nFamily injection risk 2: When the allergic reaction is vaccinated, the hospital will always allow the pets that complete the injection to stay for half an hour because the vaccine injection will bring adverse reactions, mainly including: vaccine syndrome: 30%of the occurrence of occurrence, occurring occurred, occurring occurred, occurring Within 24-48 hours after the vaccine injection, it is manifested as poor appetite, fever, mental deficiency, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. It is normal that no artificial intervention is required. Allergic reaction: The situation is serious and may cause death. Swelling parts: pus may occur, generally no manual intervention is required. It subsides within 48 hours. In severe cases, hot compresses can be adopted. Louder kitten syndrome: It occurs within three weeks after the injection of weak poisonous vaccines, and it is rare to inactive vaccines. Tumor: Rare.nHello! In summary, it is recommended that you go to a pet hospital for vaccine or go to a pet hospital. I hope my answer can help you and wish you a happy life! Intersectionn6 morenBleak

  4. How to get vaccines for puppies: subcutaneous injection, pinch the skin on the dog’s neck, disinfect the dog’s skin after disinfection with alcohol cotton balls, just shave hair.
    If Dogs Prevention before injection vaccine:
    1. Before injection, you should observe whether the dog’s health should be good. Before the vaccine, the pioneer of insects, disease, nutritional disorders, etc. are not suitable for injection.
    2. Determine whether the vaccine is invalid, and the powder of the vaccine is condensed into pieces, which means that the vaccine can be used normally. When the powder of the vaccine is scattered, it means that it has failed.
    3, after the vaccine injection, it must be 2-3 weeks to achieve complete immunity. During this time, the dog must avoid the following situations (such as changing the environment, changing food, bathing, intense exercise, sick dogs, long-distance transportation, long-distance transportation, long-distance transportation Or plastic surgery) and please pay special attention to climate change.
    The expansion information:
    types of vaccine injection of dogs:
    1, dog hexagonal vaccine, mainly prevent canine plague, small virus disease, canine infectious hepatitis, canine adenovirus virus, canine adenovirus virus virus Type diseases and pupils of dog hooks.
    General puppies for 50 days-3 months old are injected three times in a row, about 3-4 weeks each time. After the dog is more than 3 months old, it should be injected 2 times in a row, and the dental stone should be 3-4 weeks. As long as the dogs have been strengthened every year, they can be used for immune injections.

    2, the five -united weak toxic vaccine, mainly used in the prevention injection of five toxic infectious diseases: health dog prevention prevention of rabies, dog plague, auxiliary influenza, canine small virus disease, and canine infectious hepatitis.
    The vaccine is mainly used for 2-3 weeks from the date of weaning puppies. The dogs in adulthood are separated by 2-3 weeks and injected twice a year. For pregnant mothers can strengthen the immune injection once 2 weeks before giving birth. Dogs that have used immunocal serums can be used every 2-3 weeks to use this vaccine.
    3, the four -colored seedlings of the dogs, mainly preventing canine plague, small viruses, sub -influenza, and infectious hepatitis of dogs. At the age of two months at the age of the dog, three stitches are continuously injected for 21 days.
    4, canine two -combined seedlings to prevent small viruses of canine plague and small viruses. Generally, injection can be performed around a week of weaning.
    5, rabies vaccine, are animals such as healthy dogs and cats to prevent rabies. Puppies with more than three months of age are injected once, immunomotive year

  5. I suggest that it ’s better to fight. My five dogs in my family are played by myself, and the effect is good. When I go to the pet hospital, I can also be infected with disease.

    The method of injection of the vaccine. I said that I have used seedlings, and it is also the seedlings with better results.
    , the Dutch seedlings
    First of all, it is best to have two people, one person holds one person, and the other positions from the bottom of the neck, lift the skin upwards, push the needle under the skin, and promote it to promote it. vaccine.
    In the needle, do not take a bath. It is best not to take him out within 3 days of the needle, and do not contact other dogs.
    The second needle is half a month later, and the same method is injected.
    The third needle is after half a month, after injection, and waiting for three needles to be injected. Only about 10 days will really play an immune role.

    , French seedlings, Spanish seedlings. These two only need to be injected with two stitches. After the first needle is finished, wait for 20 days, tie the second needle, and then half a month after half a month.
    The three seedlings, I have used it, the effect is not bad. But now there are many fakes in the Netherlands.

    The domestic seedlings 8 yuan
    15 yuan

    imported seedlings 25 yuan
    28 yuan
    30 yuan 30 yuan

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