2 thoughts on “The correct method of injection of pet dog veins; specific positions with veins”

  1. The venous injection part can be selected at the junction of the neck vein (1/3 of the neck, 1/3 of the neck and 1/3 of the middle, where the veins are shallow and easy to find). The vein in the inner side, or the outer side of the joint, the veins above the joint of the joint, the veins on the inside of the stock. During the injection, the veins of the vein of the injection site are ligated with the vein to make the venous blood vessels so angry. After the local cutting hair is disinfected, the needle is pierced into the vein along the veins of the vein. At this time, the tight rubber tube was released, the needle pierced the needle in the blood, and then fixed the needle to slowly drip the medicinal solution (20-25 drops per minute). After the injection is completed, you must press the injection site with alcohol cotton balls, and then pull out the needle to disinfect it to prevent blood from flowing into the subcutaneous hematoma. Pay attention to the following points when intravenous injection:
    First, the syringe must be supported, each component is tightly connected, the syringe and needle must be unobstructed and strictly disinfected.
    Secondly, we must carefully check the names, uses, dosage and expiration of the injection drugs. When injecting more than two drugs at the same time, pay attention to whether there are compatible taboos.
    Third, the bubbles inside the infusion tube before the injection, prevent the medicinal liquid from leaking out of the blood vessel during injection. During the injection process, pay attention to the burden on the heart to prevent sexual failure due to excessive injection.
    Fourth, when the irritating drugs are leaking under the skin, they can generally inject physiological saline or distilled water into the surrounding tissue so that they can be easily absorbed after dilution. When the leakage of the drug is calcium chloride, it can inject an appropriate amount of sodium sodium sulfate liquid, and it can be applied to the swelling local hot compress to promote dissipation and absorption.

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