1 thought on “How to make dogs cooperate with taking pictures”

  1. Because the dog's life is not very long, we will try to record the beautiful time with us with the camera as much as possible. But after all, dogs are not as obedient when taking pictures. Most of them are moving, so it is difficult to take photos with better effects. So we also need to find some corresponding methods to solve these problems, so how to make dogs take good photos.

    Generally speaking, it is best to let the owner help when taking pictures for pet dogs. You can put the dogs in a relatively high position, so that the dogs can prevent the dogs from rushing around. Or you can play with the dog for a while, give the dog some toys and food, so that it can entertain and entertain. At this time, the owner can take a shot and take some unique photos of dogs. Of course, you can also let the dog sit in the face of themselves. The owner finds a way to attract the dog's attention, such as taking some dog food or toys to attract its attention. When the dog looks up at you You can take pictures.

    It some pictures still need to be captured to be more natural, but we still have to control the dogs and try to cooperate with us as much as possible so that they can shoot their best side.

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